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KLG Europe offers the right logistics solution for every demand.

Transport to and from China has never been easier. Yet there is still a lot involved in setting up your logistics process in trade with China. KLG Europe guarantees customized logistics solutions, with an emphasis on unburdening our customers. Our services are dynamically designed so that we can be of optimal service in every situation.

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Import & export China: New Silk Road

Importing and exporting goods by rail between Europe and China and vice versa is becoming increasingly popular. International air freight is faster, but more expensive. International ocean freight is cheaper, but often takes longer. The modality of international rail transport is sustainable and also a very suitable addition to the existing options.

KLG Europe is one of the leading companies of the joint venture "New Silk Way Logistics" (NSWL). Our product NSWL offers a complete package of logistics services before, after and during the route. Completely unburdened and door-to-door. 

We see the demand of transport to and from China increasing all the time. With a growth from 'containers only' to requests at 'block train level'. New Silk Way Logistics is investing in the future. In addition to moving goods faster via rail transport, compared to ocean freight, it is also more sustainable. This provides benefits; such as less cost and more sustainable profit.

Market leader in temperature-controlled transport

Having established this service, we have become the market leader in temperature-controlled door-to-door transportation by rail to and from China. Rail transport is the modality of the future and more and more companies are seeing the benefits of this sustainable, reliable and safe solution. Other benefits of rail transport via the New Silk Way are:

  • 40FT / 20FT / 45FT REEFER / 45FT HCPW - higher load factor (85m3 - 33 euro pallets, 26 block pallets)
  • Non-temperature controlled 
  • Temperature controlled
  • -30℃ to -+30℃ temperature controlled
  • Green Cold Chain Solution
  • Direct contact & arrangement with rail providers
  • Complete logistics service package for both temperature and non-temperature controlled shipments
  • 24/7 control tower
  • Stand-by repair service over the entire route

Value Added Services transport China

For import and export from and to China, providing only transport is not always sufficient. That is why KLG Europe also offers Value Added Services from our own warehouses. Repackaging, order picking, assembly and storage are among the possibilities. You can also use KLG Europe for complete customs clearance. In this way we unburden you with our full customs service;  export and/ or import documentation, laws and regulations. Thanks to our expertise, we are also aware of export and import restrictions and take everything off your hands. That is what we call this; fully unburdened by KLG Europe.

1300 Number of employees
17 Number of branches
300 Own trucks
1.350.000 Shipments per year

The right logistics solution starts with the right material

The complete unburdening of rail transport starts with the right container. KLG Europe has its own containers, but it is also possible to transport your own container(s) or container(s) owned by the rail agent. The container solution provided by us fits all your needs perfectly and is always fully inspected. Entirely according to the appropriate certifications and applicable regulations, which depends on the goods to be loaded. 

KLG Europe has approx. 150 conditioned, modified rail containers which are fully adapted to the weather conditions that can occur during transport via the New Silk Road. Through cooperation with our partner Unit45, it is possible to offer other solutions for the transport of perishable goods, automotive, machinery, finished goods, etc. in addition to the standard containers.

Standard containers:

  • 20 ft standard container
  • 20 ft high cube container
  • 40 ft standard container
  • 40 ft high cube container
  • 45 ft high cube container
  • 45 ft high cube pallet wide container

Temperature controlled containers:

  • 40 ft reefer/ temperature controlled container
  • 40 ft high cube reefer/ temperature controlled container
  • 45 ft high cube reefer/ temperature controlled container

As a market leader, we are closely involved in the development of new containers and bring and test the improvements in practice.

Groupage transport from China

At KLG Europe we offer groupage transport, so that despite a small volume you can still transport your goods to domestic and foreign countries completely unburdened! Don’t need a full container for your transport? Even then we have the right logistics solution. Your desired modality and at a competitive rate!

Quality and trust

Through the combination of good equipment and the knowledge and expertise of KLG Europe, we offer a fully unburdened door-to-door transportation by rail. We provide part loads and full loads, ADR and non-ADR shipments, but we also offer transport materials for conditioned and regular transport. We are the logistics partner that moves with the customer's needs and has a sustainable and innovative view of the future. Here cooperation is the connecting word, combined with quality and trust.


With our modern fleet of vehicles, we reduce CO2 emissions by 15% as standard. This means that your transport is 15% more sustainable. Our company goal is to further reduce our CO2 emissions to 30%, with a view to zero emissions.

Would you like to learn more about our sustainable logistics solutions or our sustainability goals? View our sustainability proposition for more information.

The strength of KLG Europe

Is importing or exporting to or from China, does it raise questions? Or are you curious what KLG Europe can do for you, or help you in your current situation? We will fully unburden you, you do not have any worries about the transport of your goods and all the handling involved (including customs formalities). Our specialists are pleased to assist you. Together we will find the best and suitable logistics solution. Contact us for more information.

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