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GEORGE is the program in which we bring different sustainability goals together

Our employees

We are aware of our most fragile capital. This is our team of employees. They make the difference every day and are the foundation of KLG Europe; they are KLG Europe. They make the difference and guard our norms and values in the organization. Teamwork, a solid basis of trust, mutual respect and our shared passion for transport and logistics have been the foundation of our organization for over a century.

We encourage our employees to develop further. We facilitate this through education and training in which quality, compliance, development and safety are important aspects.

We believe in one of our oldest visions: “If we are good for our employees, then the employees are good for us”. This is the foundation of our organization. Many of our employees have been working for us for years.

Working conditions and investing in the team what makes KLG Europe. This also contributes to our high-quality service and drive to become more efficient and a little greener every day. We invest in our modern fleet, we are part of the DAF field lab program to optimize new developments, and of course we adhere to all European rules and guidelines regarding transport and labour.
Safety is the guiding principle for our qualitative service provision and for our employees. For example, safety requirements apply in our premises and we opt for ergonomic solutions to create a pleasant and safe working environment for our employees. Periodic risk assessments by independent assessors and others are part of our quality and safety programs.
Good working conditions and employee satisfaction are positively reflected in our low absenteeism, many years of employment  and the title of Most Attractive Employer and Best Training Company.

Our customers

The customer is at the heart of our business. That is the way of doing business at KLG Europe. We value personal and long-term relationships. These are crucial for us to always be able to offer and deliver the best suitable logistics solution.

As an organization we strive to efficiently contribute to the business objectives of our customers. We achieve this by offering high-quality improvement proposals and by guaranteeing the continuity of our services. But also by offering optimization and even better suitable possibilities. An example is offering modal shift and intermodal transport, but also possibilities with shorter lead times and even more sustainable.


Our suppliers

KLG Europe cooperates with several suppliers. Quality and trust are the basis of the long-term relationships which we have with our suppliers. As an organization, we do our best to become a little greener every day. We cannot do this on our own and therefore we also expect this social and ecological progressive view from our qualified suppliers. To be in line with laws and regulations as an organization, it is important that the rest of our supply chain is also in line with this. Compliance with our code of conduct is a must for us.

Our environment

As KLG Europe, we are committed to contributing to a more sustainable world every day. We write the future with our history and are aware of the steps we need to take as a major international logistics service provider. We are therefore actively involved in various initiatives which are based on the triple helix principle. Namely; government, education and entrepreneurs. We are actively involved in various networks and participate in various projects and initiatives:

  • Lean & Green star program: aimed at reducing CO2
  • Modal shift: intermodal transport solutions where possible (short sea/ rail)
  • Focus on chain cooperation
  • The Best Training Company
  • The most attractive employer
  • Sustainability: Green Cold Chain logistics from China to Europe and vice versa
  • Field labs: participation in various field labs
  • Intelligent logistics: such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data and internet of things
  • Circular economy: reuse of packaging materials, among other things
  • Motto: working paperless

Besides the big projects, we do not lose sight of the small polluters and other initiatives, some examples are:

  • Avoid using plastic cups for drinks
  • Use of LED lighting at our facilities
  • Separation and disposal of waste streams

Our community & education

The community and education are indispensable links in our immediate environment. Our branches in the various countries provide employment in the community and knowledge in education. We attach great importance to the well-being of our environment and through proactive contact we maintain relationships and build new long-term relationships.

Safety is our top priority. Safety for our customers, employees, environment and other stakeholders results from a variety of subjects and matters. For example, we take health and safety aspects into account in our decisions and they are an integral part of our daily operations. We take a proactive approach when it comes to risks that affect people, society or the environment. For example, we invest in developing the knowledge and skills of our employees of tomorrow. We are closely involved in training courses of various educational institutions on topics such as safety, health, development and innovation. But also to put the basic elements such as theory into practice and to share the lessons learned from our employees with the new generation.

Emergency situations require specific attention and very appropriate solutions. We offer suitable logistics solutions, but we also offer them during crucial situations where help is needed. For example, during the pandemic, we transported serval times prevention supplies to severely affected areas.

Our certificates

As an organization we distinguish ourselves by adding action to the word. Confident quality is our motto. We work hard every day to take our quality, safety and reliability to an even higher level. We do this by achieving certifications and awards. Some examples of our certificates with an eye on sustainability are ISO 26000:2020, Lean & Green and Ecovadis.

ISO 26000:2020
The most important certificate for companies and organizations committed to corporate social responsibility.

Lean & Green
Lean & Green is the leading CO2 reduction program in which both consignors and companies active in logistics services can participate. The aim of the program is to structurally reduce CO2 emissions in logistics by activating partnerships, sharing knowledge and deploying smart and effective measures.

KLG Europe is awarded with the Bronze Medal by Ecovadis, which is the most trusted corporate sustainability rating system. We distinguish ourselves in several areas compared to other organizations, these points can be read here.

Code of Conduct

Partnerships and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers are at the heart of our organization. As KLG Europe, we have core values that are central to the way we act and make decisions. Such as labour, health & safety, environment, management systems and ethics. This Code of Conduct applies to us as well as to all our business relations, partners and our employees. The latest version of our Code of Conduct is always available on our website.  


Partners & networks

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