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EDI. Advanced possibilities.

KLG offers full EDI support. EDI is an acronym for Electronic Data Interchange. It refers to the exchange of digital information between your systems and ours. This includes things such as orders, status messages of your shipments and invoices. This type of information exchange is reliable, reduces the risk of errors and considerably cuts down on administration.

Questions about EDI?

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Our systems feature an open EDI structure, enabling easy data connections to be made. This automation ensures that you are always - in real time! - informed about the receipt or issuing of goods. The fact that there is no delay in the transfer of information benefits your decision-making processes and business efficiency.

For advice and assistance

EDI is necessary in our processes, but, obviously, you can also contact our staff if you have any questions. Day after day, they are ready to assist you, giving advice and helping you out with problems.

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