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Our philosophy

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Our vision

We unburden customers by offering customer specific, practical and efficient logistics solutions. By taking a proactive attitude and investing in the best technologies, we achieve optimum quality with the focus on the customer’s objectives.

By implementing continuous improvements and innovations, we are flexible and ensure clear and careful information. With this we guarantee high customer satisfaction and reliability.

Passion for logistics (our mission)

Passion for logistics drives KLG Europe to continuously improve service, efficiency and sustainability in order to achieve the maximum result.

KLG Europe is the logistics partner!


By focussing on:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit
    Our organisation has a flat structure. Within their tasks, every employee gets the space and the confidence to take their own responsibility and make decisions that put the interests of customers first.
  • Measurable results
    Measurably good results strenghten our partnerships with customers and increase mutual commitment. This strengthens the market position and financial results of our customers and, indirectly, also ours.
  • Focus on quality
    KLG Europe meets all common quality standards, such as ISO 9001 and TAPA-A certification and SQAS and HACCP regulations. Our people establish and ensure the quality of the logistics services process.
  • Reliable partner
    There is a reason why we have been the successful logistics partner of many companies for more than a hundred years. Respectful, honest client relationships last the longest and are the cornerstone of our success.
  • Transparency of our processes
    We give our customer as much insight as possible into their logistics activities. Examples include up and down EDI connections, internet portals and monthly KPI reports.
  • Proactive approach
    Change is progress. If we notice that something can be done better, faster, more sustainably or more efficiently, we will always let you know.
  • Safety is paramount
    All our warehouses comply with the strict TAPA-A regulations. Our trucks are well secured. At all our branches, the safety of our employees is paramount.
  • Active player within the sector
    We are ambassadors of the logistics industry. We initiate forums, seminars and trade fairs in all the countries in which we operate. In addition, we work closely with specialists, authorities and administrative parties.
  • Sustainability counts
    When it comes to sustainability, KLG opts for a comprehensive approach that takes into account both the environment and cost. We offer our customers several options to make processes more sustainable.
  • Social responsibility
    For our own operation, we choose future-proof solutions. We take several measures to reduce fuel consumption. We also do measurements to reduce noise pollution further than officially required. Waste obviously gets separated and, where possible, recycled.

Partners & networks

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