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The first-class (temperature-controlled) door-to-door intermodal rail and logistics solution to and from China. Rail transport between Europe and China (and vice versa) has been gaining tremendous popularity in recent years. Air freight, while faster, is more expensive. Ocean freight is cheaper but often takes too long. Besides its sustainability, the modality of rail transport is a good addition to the other modalities for several reasons and can offer opportunities for you. 


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Rail transport China: The New Silk Road

The New Silk Road, the largest infrastructural project ever, provides an excellent connection between Europe and China, creating various logistics opportunities for your supply chain. And of course KLG Europe, a full-service logistics service provider, has not let this pass it by. KLG Europe is therefore also your reliable logistics partner for rail transport between Europe and China. In addition to train transport, KLG of course also offers other options for exporting to and from China!

Transportation by train to and from China is gaining more and more ground. And not without a reason, of course. The transit times are considerably shorter than sea freight; goods from China reach Europe after an average of 18 days. Also, the costs are lower than air freight. In various logistics issues, transportation by train is the ideal solution for transporting goods to and from China.

Continuous developments and implementations are central to fully meet our customer's needs. In addition to these unique services, we also offer the possibility of LCL (less than container load) transportation. We are the partner for a sustainable, reliable and safe intermodal solution (door-to-door). KLG Europe is your logistics partner for the future.

The right equipment

Any size container can be used for intercontinental rail transport. Complete unburdening of rail transport starts with the container. KLG Europe has its own containers. But it is also possible to do the rail transport with your own container(s) or container(s) owned by the shipper. The container solution which perfectly suits your needs and which is supplied by us is always fully inspected. Entirely according to the appropriate certifications and applicable regulations, taking into account laws and regulations of the loaded goods.

The cooperation with our partner Unit45 makes it possible to offer other solutions in addition to standard containers. Such as containers for the transport of perishable goods, automotive, machinery, finished goods, medical goods, etc.

1300 Number of employees
17 Number of branches
300 Own trucks
1.350.000 Shipments per year

Our own containers

We have our own fleet of conditioned, modified containers which are totally adapted to the conditions that may come our way during transport via the New Silk Road. This knowledge ensures continuity, but the reliability we can provide through good equipment and the service of KLG Europe.

Standard containers:

  • 20 ft standard container
  • 20 ft high cube container
  • 40 ft standard container
  • 40 ft high cube container
  • 45 ft high cube container
  • 45 ft high cube pallet wide container

Temperature controlled containers:

  • 40 ft reefer/ temperature controlled container
  • 40 ft high cube reefer/ temperature controlled container
  • 45 ft high cube reefer/ temperature controlled container

The reefer containers are optimally designed with sustainability in mind. The containers consume fossil-free fuel, something that was previously not possible because this type of fuel is more sticky in nature. In addition, fuels are often exposed to extreme temperatures (-40 to +40 degrees Celsius) during transport via the New Silk Road.

24/7 monitoring

In Europe, we have several of our own branches and bonded warehouses. With a presence in almost every European country, we can easily arrange pre- and post-transport for you. An additional advantage is that we are in direct contact with the operators along various routes. This allows us not only to switch quickly, but also to scale capacity. KLG Europe attaches great value to control and transparency. That is why we consciously chose to fully monitor the transports with our control tower and thus keep the service level optimal. KLG Europe can share and monitor real time information through its 24/7 control tower, this offers transparency.

History of KLG Europe

KLG Europe offers this rail link in partnership with New Silk Way Logistics. New Silk Way Logistics is a collaboration between two logistics companies, including KLG Europe. Together we put our heads together in 2016. Our motto in this was "Whoever can share, can multiply."

In 2016, we already had a lot of demand for freight transport toward China. At that time, we saw a growth in the surplus of empty containers in Europe. There was an imbalance in rail freight traffic, it was mainly heading west. An unique opportunity to make better use of these containers that have to go back to China anyway and fill this gap in the market.

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