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At Corporate Social Responsibility you take responsibility for the world of today and the world of tomorrow. Every day we commit ourselves to contribute to a sustainable world and we are active in various initiatives that are based on the triple helix principle. Namely; government, education and entrepreneurs.

We attach great importance to the well-being of our environment. Our branches in the different countries provide employment in the community and knowledge in education. We have close collaborations with educational institutions, industry associations, other companies, but also government institutions. For example, we are constantly working to bring education and the labor market closer together.

KLG kids is to introduce the youngest children in a fun way to the logistics sector and to environmental friendliness and safety in transport. The youth is the future. The future of the logistics world and of the KLG of tomorrow.


Let’s introduce

Transport of goods is not only done with trucks. You cannot get everywhere in the world with a truck and sometimes goods have to get somewhere very quickly or as cheaply as possible. Another important point is the environment. We have to be careful with the planet earth and that is why other ways of transporting goods are being developed. At KLG our team consists of Tom the truck, Victor the plane, Sam the ship and Tren the train.

Hi guys and girls. I am Tom. I drive on the road all over Europe with all kinds of goods in my truck that I bring to our customers.

Hey Hello! My name is Victor. If there is a very urgent need to bring goods, we will transport them by plane. I fly all over the world to deliver goods.

Ship ahoy! I am Sam. Not only Victor brings goods all over the world, I do that too. I only do that by sea. We load the goods into containers and I ship them all over the world.

Hey! Tren here! I bring the goods by rail. Where to? Throughout Europe, but even all the way to China, Cambodia, Taiwan and other countries in Asia.

Blind spots

At KLG we do everything we can to work safely. We do this, for example, by properly maintaining our trucks and by training our drivers. Despite all precautions and all mirrors in and on a truck, there are still spots where a driver cannot see you. We call these spots 'blind spots'. So, if you are on a bicycle or on foot and you see a truck, it is important not to stand right in front of, next to or behind the truck. A driver cannot see you at those spots!

Together we go safely on the road!

Our International Driver Joost show you more about adjusting the mirrors and the angles that are not visible from the truck in KLG's Vlog #41. 


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