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Frequently asked questions

Which destinations provides KLG?

KLG offers transport solutions worldwide. For example, we have a European-wide distribution network, which means we know every place in Europe. We take care of your shipments all over the world, by air and sea but also by rail. Curious about the advantages we can offer in the field of train transport to China? Via the New Silk Road we also have your transport under our own management. Both conditioned transport and door-to-door services.

Which “value added services” are provided by KLG?

Not only we are good in safely storing your goods in our modern warehouses, but we can also improve our customers’ supply chain. This, for example, by offering Value Added Services in addition to the storage of goods, such as: packaging, labeling, order picking, assembling, quality controls, stock monitoring, repairs, etc.

What are customs documents?

Customs documents are required during transport to declare goods for import or export. These documents are mandatory and necessary for any shipment to and from countries outside the EU. KLG has its own in-house customs team and takes care of the entire customs clearance for many customers.

What is the history of KLG?

Entrepreneurship, growth and trust are the solid foundation of our organization. These qualities have been at the heart of our organization since it was founded in 1918.
KLG Europe was founded in 1918 as CS Kuijken Transport in Luyksgestel (NL), by the Kuijken family. We transported goods on behalf of third parties with some trucks of our own fleet. Shortly after the Second World War (1947) we started providing the first international transport, under the name of Kuijken Transport. During the eighties we made a decision, which was an unusual step at the time, to specialize in two sub-markets, 1) container transport and 2) groupage transport France. In 2005 we changed our name to KLG Europe (Kuijken Logistics Group Europe). This with a view to the growth of our international character and the variety of our many different logistics services. In 2006 we opened six of our own branches in Romania and the following year we opened our own branches in China. We have set up the joined venture NSWL (New Silk Way Logistics) in 2016, which provides the unique door-to-door rail services, rail transport from China to Europe and vice versa. In the year 2019, Sinotrans Ltd. took over all European branches of KLG. This is due to the lack of successors in the Kuijken family. In the search for a suitable party, preserving the culture and the norms and values of the organization was one of the most important elements. A strong party that could continue and expand the activities of KLG Europe was the other important element.
In 2021, we have 15 branches spread over the Netherlands (3), the United Kingdom (1) and Romania (8), and a trucking division under the flag of KLG Trucking. We are member and shareholder of the groupage network 24plus and of the distribution network ASTRE. 

How do I register my road transport shipment?

You can book your shipment with your personal login details via our customer portal. In addition, KLG offers full EDI support and it is possible to exchange data digitally via your systems and our systems. Via the Ad hoc portal, after receiving your quotation, you can book the shipment via this portal with just one click. Personal contact is very important to us, so if you have any questions, we are of course happy to speak to you personally or by telephone.

What is needed for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR)?

Years of experience have given us the knowledge of the transport of hazardous goods (ADR). We understand and know the needs of this industry like no other. We know how to carry out complex requests safely and perfectly in accordance with laws and regulations. We do this based on knowledge, experience and training of our colleagues. In addition to providing training to all colleagues who come into contact with hazardous goods (ADR), we employ special safety advisors and have obtained various certificates, our fleet is ADR equipped and our drivers are in possession of ADR certificates.  

What activities does KLG develop in the field of sustainability?

We reduce CO2 emissions and offer sustainable and innovative logistics solutions. When it comes to human and the environment, we make well-founded choices because as a major logistics service provider we are aware of our social responsibility. Quality, safety, health and environment are important elements in our strategy and in our business operations. We also help our customers to achieve their sustainability goals. 

How can I track my shipment?

Via your personal login you can track and trace your shipment(s) via the KLG portal. At KLG we think transparency is very important. If you have any questions about this, you can always contact us. We are happy to help you. 

What are the implications of Brexit?

Brexit has been a fact since January the 1st, 2021. Transporting to and from the UK entails challenges. Such as collecting and delivering correct and relevant information and data, creating and submitting customs documents, registering at the terminals and the further process in the supply chain.
We would like to inform you of the latest developments via www.brexit.klgeurope.com or contact one of our Brexit experts. 

Could the coronavirus affect my transport?

During the past period, we have, despite the impact of the corona virus, been able to maintain our service at a high-quality level. Continuity and reliability are one of the basic elements of our organization. We put the interests of our customers first and dare to make investments that ensure win-win situations in the long term. Through this proactive approach, we ensure that the corona virus has a minimal impact on the transit times of your shipment and therefore on your organization. If circumstances change and could potentially have an impact on your shipment(s), we will always proactively inform you. 

Where do I request rates for my transport?

You can contact us with all your logistical questions. Whether they are customs, warehousing, transport or improving your supply chain related. We handle your logistical challenges worldwide. Our location in Venlo is specialized in European distribution, customs, warehousing and transport via rail, via the New Silk Road.
The branch in Eersel is the market leader when it comes to groupage transport France and knows the way like no other.
Our colleagues in Rotterdam are happy to help you with all your questions regarding logistics and transport by sea and air. You can request a price indication on our website or via our KLG ad hoc portal.
Do you prefer personal contact or are you looking for logistics advice? Then contact one of our colleagues at the Sales department. 

How does air freight work?

The fastest way of transport is still air transport. Worldwide, efficient, fast and door-to-door. We have all the expertise and experience in-house and we can also completely unburden you in the field of collection, delivery by trucks and customs clearance. 

How does sea freight work?

Via short or deep sea, we take care of your transport worldwide, including your customs clearance. If you have heavier and larger shipments to transport worldwide, ocean freight is a suitable modality. Transport by sea often has a longer lead time but it has lower costs than air freight. You can contact us about various container sizes and for full (FCL) and partial container loads (LCL). Are you also looking for a company that can take care of warehousing, collection and delivery by truck? Then you have come to the right place. 

What is the volume calculation that KLG uses for road transport shipments?

1 loading meter = 1,750 kg, 1 Euro pallet = 700 kg, 1 block pallet = 875 kg, if the actual weight is higher than the pay weight, the actual weight will be the basis for the calculation of the invoice.