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KLG Trucking Modern fleet at the lowest cost.

KLG Trucking unburden you in your logistics needs, with our modern fleet and own experienced and representative drivers with a proactive attitude.

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KLG Trucking offers the tailor-made answers to your questions and requirements with regard to your logistics needs and services. We offer you the opportunity to hire our modern fleet, experienced and representative drivers, proactive attitude and our high standard of quality at the lowest cost per kilometer.

We make this possible through three important pillars, namely a committed team, professional service and our modern fleet.

KLG Trucking lowest cost per km


Committed team

As KLG Trucking, we are proud to be part of the international parent company KLG Europe. The KLG Trucking team is a strong team with the focus on our standards and values. Focus on quality, professionalism, communication and reliability are part of our vision. Respect for our customers and colleagues is paramount.

The dedication to our excellent logistics service and efficient communication is the foundation of our entire team. This means that all colleagues of the KLG Trucking team, from management to drivers and all supporting departments, speak at least one international language. Due to the continuous growth of our organization and development in our dynamic industry, we are always moving and we grow with our customers. In addition to the services of KLG Trucking, we also offer our customers the international services of KLG Europe. We offer our customers “Borderless Logistics” and invest in long-term relationships. Our vision to “be the logistics partner of our customers” means that we stand for growth, development and reliability. We do not shy away from a challenge and due to our growth, we are always looking to expand our KLG Trucking team.


Modern fleet

We use the best equipment to perform our services. Our fleet is fully ADR equipped and we are constantly developing and evolving to meet all the wishes and requirements of our customers.

Our modern fleet, which is 100% equipped with Euro 6 trucks, has all state-of-the-art equipment such as navigation and communication tools. The trucks are fully optionally equipped, with an eye on all safety aspects as well as efficiency. As an international logistics service provider, we do not lose sight of the environmental and social commitment aspects and try to keep our footprint to a minimum.

Contact us for more information about our fleet and how we can unburden your organization with our high-quality logistics services.


Our (logistics) services

KLG Trucking offers you “borderless” options to hire modern trucks with highly experienced and representative drivers at very low costs and with high-quality standards. You can deploy these vehicles and drivers and have them integrated into your own transport planning. You can use the KLG Trucking service as if the fleet including the driver are your own, but without the risks and extra work inherent in such an operation.

KLG Trucking unburden you in your logistics needs.

KLG Trucking knows the needs of the market and its customers. We know that companies still expect reliable services with high-quality standards, with skilled drivers who speak a Western European language. As KLG Trucking, we connect seamlessly to these expectations. We would like to get in touch with you to provide you with your tailor-made service proposal, click here for the contact details.

KLG Trucking offers:

  • Modern own fleet (100% of the trucks are equipped with Euro 6).
  • The entire fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as full-optimized on-board computers and real-time navigation.
  • With real-time Track&Trace (based on GPS) it is possible to gain insight about the location of “your” truck at any time of the day. This is made possible by our own web portal which enables continuous online sights.
  • Motivated and competent drivers who work 4 weeks, after which a colleague takes over the trucking shift.
  • Drivers who can communicate professionally in English or German, both with you and your customers.
  • Representative drivers with a professional look and proactive attitude.
  • The certainty that you are dealing with a stable and reliable company that ensures that all legal requirements are met with regard to loading, insurance, driver certificates, maintenance of the trucks, etc.
  • The lowest possible costs per kilometer for optimal service and maximum control and security over your shipments.


Flexibility above all!

KLG Trucking takes care of everything. You choose how much work you want KLG Trucking to take care of:

  • We provide truck and driver and drive your trailer(s). But if you wish, we can also provide suitable trailers.
  • We provide professional drivers. Do you want our drivers to wear your company clothing? We can also arrange that!


Our general terms and conditions are available on our website, click here.


About us

KLG Trucking is a subsidiary of KLG Europe. KLG Europe is an international logistics service provider, founded in 1918 and is generally known as a qualitative, highly regarded and reliable partner. KLG offers worldwide logistics services. From transport by road, air, sea or rail to value added services in our modern warehouses and with our specialized in-house customs team, we are always ready to take care of your customs clearance. With 17 branches in 3 countries and a dense reliable partner network, KLG is always nearby.  For more information about KLG Europe, click here.



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