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Together we are stronger

That is certainly true for the logistics world. Good cooperation with reliable and certified partners enables us to serve you even better. We are a member and shareholder of the networks 24plus, Astre, CLN and WCA. That means reliability and continuity. Whatever happens.

24 Plus

This transportation network was founded by 32 German freight forwarders in 1996. Meanwhile, the network consists of 65 partners. Together, they form an integrated transport network with a high performance standard. Customers can upload jobs to the network from any location in Europe. Using identical guidelines, track and trace, general product offers and guaranteed delivery times.
24 Plus


The Association des transporteurs Européens (Astre) is one of the largest European freight forwarders networks, headquartered in France. Currently, 290 medium-sized independent carriers all over Europe are affiliated with Astre. The flexibility of small and medium-sized companies, combined with the power of the group, offers great benefits for customers. Cooperation between the individual members of the network leads to powerful customer-oriented solutions. For KLG Europe, participation in the Astre network means cooperating with 39 French distributors, spread across France, and access to a full coverage distribution network.


The World Cargo Alliance (WCA) is a worldwide network of independent freight forwarders. With nearly 6,000 members and spread around 189 countries worldwide, it's also the strongest of all logistics networks. All WCA members are tested and reviewed before they were accepted as a member. The alliance offers its members the opportunity to increase trade and expand to new markets, which is an important advantage of the membership. The network brings together local and regional freight forwarders from markets across the entire world. This results in a network in which the flexibility of each member guarantees the transport of volumes to every destination.
WCA World


Combined Logistics Network (CLN) is a worldwide forwarding network that offers worldwide services. CLN is established in 2002 to offer a reliable and secure platform for independent freight forwarders worldwide. The goal of CLN is more than just connecting companies, the goal is bridging proactive and quality freight forwarders around the world and helping to build lasting relationships.
Combined Logistics Network

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