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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a major international logistics service provider, we take our social involvement and influence more than seriously. For example, we believe it is important as an organization to think for the people of today and the world of tomorrow.

As an organization, we have several programs, under which; quality, safety and the environments are main topics, including the GEORGE program. This allows us to maintain and guarantee topics such as ethics and a responsible environment.

We distinguish seven principles under Corporate Social Responsibility. These principles form the basis of our principles as an organization.

Our seven CSR principles are:

  • We take responsibility for impacts on society, the economy and the environment
  • We are transparent about decisions and activities that effect the environment
  • We demonstrate ethical behaviour and demand this standard from our customers, suppliers and other parties as well
  • We respect the interests of stakeholders
  • We respect and comply with applicable laws and regulations
  • We respect and stand in line with international norms of behaviour
  • We respect universal human rights and demand the same from our customers, suppliers and other parties

These principles of Corporate Social Responsibility are the founding principles of our business operations and are an extension of our standards and values that we have held as on organization for over 100 years.

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