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Intermodal transport

Economical, fast and high-quality intermodal transport.

Are you looking for a carrier for intermodal transport? We will gladly look with you for a suitable logistics solution. Fast and reliable intermodal transport throughout Europe and far beyond. KLG Europe provides the most economical, sustainable and efficient quality intermodal transport!

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Intermodal transport

With intermodal transport we can easily transport your cargo internationally. This involves the use of different modes of transport. These include road, air, ocean and rail transport. KLG Europe ensures that a container is loaded with your goods, after which this container is not only transported by road, but also by ship, train or plane. Economical and sustainable.

Always tailored to your wishes, your situation and your requirements. For delivery times and departure days, please contact one of our specialists.

FTL, LTL or Groupage

No matter how large or small your shipment: no bridge is too far for us. Thanks to our large and international network of partners, we can transport any shipment smoothly. With a sharp focus on quality while not losing sight of the cost aspect. Even if you have a smaller load (LTL or Groupage) and only use road transport, intermodal transport is a modal shift option with extra focus on sustainability.

Not only intermodal, but also multimodal

Through our additional services, we can support you in multimodal transport. Hereby you have the possibility to: 

  • Divide your cargo unit over several and/or other containers. 
  • Have the cargo transported further by another mode of transport than a regular one, such as the last part of the journey with an express sprinter.
  • Storing (part of) the cargo (temporarily) in a (bonded) warehouse.
  • A door-to-door logistics solution thanks to our container trucking service.


1300 Number of employees
17 Number of branches
300 Own trucks
1.350.000 Shipments per year

Worldwide intermodal transport

Transport by sea is the most sustainable form of transport. Intercontinental cargo can be transferred on arrival at the port to smaller (inland) ships sailing to the final destination. Containers can also be transferred to a train or truck. In addition, a combination of air, rail and/or ocean transport is possible. We arrange everything for you. We ensure that your cargo is delivered to your door.

Transport is our daily work

As a specialist in transport solutions, we are happy to advise you on the best approach. A solution that suits your company, your objectives and your wishes. An approach that also works in the long term and with which you can help your customer even better. We always make a well-considered assessment of the various options of intermodal transport and give you objective advice. 


With our modern fleet we reduce CO2 emissions by 15% as standard. This means your transport is 15% more sustainable.Our company goal is to further reduce our CO2 emissions to 30%, with a view to zero emissions.

Would you like to learn more about our sustainable logistics solutions or our sustainability goals? View our sustainability proposition for more information.

Do you have questions about intermodal transport?

Each modality has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which one suits your company best? The fastest, most economical, highest quality or sustainable solution? We would be happy to look at it with you and give you our advice. For questions about intermodal transport, you can always contact us.

Want to know more about intermodal transport? Get in contact and receive advice free of charge from our specialists.

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