KLG Europe

Borderless logistics. That is KLG.

You want to make your logistics processes more efficient, faster, safer and easier? KLG provides value added services that lead to higher flexibility, cost control and an increase in both customer satisfaction and your profits.



Modern and secure warehouses at strategic locations.

There is a reason why KLG is known as a specialist in warehousing and as a provider of the best value added services. Storage, transshipment, repackaging, order picking, assembly and labeling. What can we do for you?

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Value added services/logistics

For you and your customer.

Many of our customers have already been using our value added logistics (VAL) for decades. There is a reason for that. Time and time again we prove that we are able to improve our customers' supply chain using our VAL activities.

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We invest in the latest technology.

At KLG, we are convinced that the right technology will help us unburden our customers.

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Timely and correct feedback

As KLG Europe, it is important to us in the customer relationship that it is clear what we expect from each other. Our in-house KLG Controltower works with KPIs, which are incorporated in customer-specific dashboards. Our Control tower ensures timely and correct feedback of data to our relations (IOD, OTD, ATA, POD etc.)

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Logistics expertise

A streamlined and efficient supply chain: we plan and manage your flow of goods. Our modern warehouses are located at strategic locations in Europe and China. Here, we offer all possible logistics solutions. From inventory management to order picking and from packing and repacking to labeling.

We invest in the future

We invest in the latest technologies, because we believe it is important to be leading in new developments. Our state of the art warehouse management system, for example, communicates the status of your order and stock to you at any time.  Many customers also use our value added services, such as customs clearance and insurance.

Free advice

KLG's people like helping you. We develop custom proposals for the optimal ways of storing and handling your goods. You combine everything at a single, specialist partner. Efficient, clear and trusted. Together, we like to work on an optimal supply chain. Need more information? Please feel free to contact us.

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