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As KLG we use programs where quality, safety, security and the environment are main topics, including the GEORGE program. This allows us to maintain and safeguard topics such as ethics and our responsibility to the environment.


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Lean & Green

Our CSR policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are proud of our employees, since 1918 we attach great value to long-term relationships and pleasant contacts.

Our CSR policy


As KLG we use programs where quality, safety, security and the environment are main topics, including the GEORGE program. This allows us to maintain and safeguard topics such as ethics and our responsibility to the environment.


At KLG Europe we are aware that, as a major transport company, we have an important and social responsibility. That is why we make substantiated choices when it comes to people and the environment. We maintain the standards relating to quality, safety, health and the environment. Naturally, we work in accordance with the local laws and regulations everywhere, these major topics are written out in full in our Business Code of Conduct.

Creating value for individuals, societies and for our planet is part of our organization culture and incorporated into the strategy. An example of this is our CO2 ladder, in which we have set goals for the medium to long-term based on our standards and values. We take measures that reduce CO2 emissions and offer sustainable, innovative logistics solutions. Our employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders are part of this.

  • Our employees: teamwork and a solid basis which is based on trust, mutual respect and passion are always been aspects of our company, KLG Europe. We encourage our people to continue their professional development. We facilitate them through education and training in which equality, compliance and safety are important aspects.
  • Our customers: we strive, as company, to efficiently contribute to our customer’s business objectives. This by offering high-quality and continuity of improvement proposals, optimization and possibilities. For example, if transport via an intermodal solution can be an optimization for the customer, the customer’s business goals and the ecological part, then this suitable solution is offered.
  • Our partners: with our dedication to our partners and investments in partner networks, we know how to meet both the environmental and the economic side. We have reduced a large part of our CO2 footprint by optimizing shipments, to do our upmost best to optimize the utilization level. The economic aspect is based on the mutual (business) interests that we both have as parties, whereby development, innovation and growth are part of the future. As a logistics service provider, we are aware of our emissions. To minimize emissions, our state-of the-art fleet meets the most modern environmental standards. We also have environmental programs in which we create new areas of forest and our drivers receive driving training to minimize our emissions.
  • Our community: safety is one of the aspects in which we make no concessions. We take the safety and health aspects of parties involved in our daily business into account in our decisions. We take a proactive approach when it becomes about risks that affect people, society or the environment. For example, we invest in the development of the knowledge and skills of our employees of tomorrow. We are closely involved in study programs of various educational institutions with subjects like safety, health, development and innovation. But we also have a responsibility to provide charity in cases of emergency.
  • Our planet: we are active in environmental care and our footprint on the environment. We have developed programs and brought them to the attention of our employees. Attention on the focus on CO2 reduction, recycling or reuse of waste.

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