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KLG Europe offers frequent transport possibilities to and from Spain. We provide both part loads where a stop at an address on the route is also possible. Thanks to our years of experience and extensive partner network, we have a large European-wide distribution network and a lot of expertise in the field of transport, also to and from Spain.

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Transport Spain - Netherlands

Do you have goods that need to be transported to or from Spain? Or do you want to transport your goods from Spain to the Netherlands or another country? Then KLG Europe is your logistics partner. Whether it is small transport or large transport with our frequent departures to and from the Spanish sun we make sure that your goods are delivered at the right time and place. Are you curious which logistics solution best suits your needs? KLG Europe is happy to help you optimize your supply chain. Your transport is in good hands with KLG Europe:

  • High quality and reliability;
  • An expert team that takes care of everything for you;
  • Optimal transit times;
  • Guaranteed departures;
  • Frequent departures for both groupage, LTL and FTL (international);
  • A good price and quality ratio;
  • Transport for both ADR and non-ADR shipments;
  • Track & Trace;
  • A solution for every challenge.

Carefree from A to B

You can contact us for almost all types of goods. Besides taking care of the transport, we also arrange the logistics. This includes complete customs clearance, bonded warehousing and/or fiscal representation. As an AEO-certified logistics service provider, we ensure an optimal flow of your goods. We offer logistics solutions from warehousing to transportation of your goods by road, rail, water and air. We do not lose sight of the sustainability aspect in the process.

1300 Number of employees
17 Number of branches
300 Own trucks
1.350.000 Shipments per year

Transport Spain specialist

Do you have questions about transport from Spain to the Netherlands or vice versa? As a transport specialist, we know our way around and are happy to answer your logistical questions. As a specialist, we not only provide transport by road to and from Spain. We also offer transport in a more sustainable way, such as; intermodal. And besides groupage transport, we also provide transport of ADR shipments, express shipments and LTL (less truck load). KLG Europe provides a logistics solution that suits your needs, your situation and your requirements.

Transport prices from and to Spain

Our years of experience ensures high quality combined with a good price, without unnecessary costs. Do you want cheap and fast transport from or to Spain? Then groupage transport is the logistics solution. With groupage transport we combine different loads, creating complete loadings. This ensures lower transport costs while maintaining the quality that KLG Europe delivers. 

Do you have a question about the transport costs for your transport? Then contact one of our specialists. We map out the price immediately, which is very transparent and service-oriented, so you will not be surprised. We do not make promises we cannot keep. A deal is a deal! Moreover, you always have insight into your shipments through our track & trace system.

Intermodal transport Spain

With intermodal transport, we use a combination of different transport modes. Because we work with reliable partners worldwide, we can always provide the most efficient form of transport. This is both economical and sustainable.

Transport by rail is the most sustainable form of transport, followed by transport by water. By linking different modes, you enjoy the benefits of all these different modes. This optimal combination creates more sustainable solutions which are often also economically more attractive due to shorter transit times.

Container transport Spain

A part of our sea freight transport is the container transport part. We organize transport from loading location to port, from port to port and then from port to delivery address. We do this all over the world, including Spain. The whole door to door transport is done using different modalities (intermodal). At KLG Europe we have years of experience in sea transport and thus also the very important part: container transport.

Groupage transport Spain

We are specialized in offering logistics solutions in the field of groupage transport. With groupage transport several (smaller) loads are brought together into one complete load. This way we can take care of your goods at a very attractive rate, without losing quality. Groupage transport with the advantages of efficiency and sustainability, this is KLG Europe's service.

International transport Spain

KLG Europe belongs to one of the leading logistics service providers in Europe. We specialize in international distribution of general cargo shipments and are your reliable partner when it comes to transport to and from Spain. We offer a suitable transport solution for your demand. Thus, we consider your wishes, price, quality, speed and sustainability when transporting your goods.


With our modern fleet we reduce CO2 emissions by 15% as standard. This means that your transport is 15% more sustainable. Our company goal is to further reduce our CO2 emissions to 30%, with a view to zero emissions. 

Would you like to learn more about our sustainable logistics solutions or our sustainability goals? View our sustainability proposition for more information.

Driving bans for transport in Spain

Many European countries have their own laws and regulations regarding driving bans. For example, these can apply on Sundays and public holidays as well as during extreme weather conditions and vacation periods. The general driving bans and holidays can be found here in our overview. We will inform our customers immediately of any other abnormal and current driving bans due to unforeseen circumstances.

Why KLG Europe?

KLG Europe has been established more than 100 years ago. As a result, we have extensive experience which ensures that we can also perfectly execute your transport. Our motto: Together we are stronger. Through good cooperation with our reliable and certified logistics partners, we can serve you even better and guarantee our high quality. Curious about a suitable logistics solution for your goods? Then contact us or take a look at our service area.

More information about transport to and from Spain

Your cargo is in good hands with us. We would be happy to tell you more about our transport options and other logistics solutions. If you still have questions or wish to receive additional information, you can always contact one of our specialists.


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