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KLG Europe is among the leading logistics service providers in Europe. We are specialized in both national and international logistics services and are your reliable partner when it comes to transport to and from Serbia. On this page we would like to give you more insight into the possibilities concerning transport to and from Serbia. Would you like to know more? Please contact one of our specialists!

Transport possibilities
Krnjesevci, Beograd
Maximum load
22 ton
5-6 days
Departure days
4-5 days
Departure days
3-4 days
Departure days
Express shipments

The fastest possible transport options

ADR shipments

With the right expertise for the transport of dangerous goods


Efficient and durable

Your transport to and from Serbia

KLG Europe is a specialist in transport in Eastern European countries. Serbia is one of the examples of this. With daily departures to and from Serbia, we can guarantee timely deliveries to your customers. For transport to and from Serbia, you can use our groupage, LTL and FTL services. Whether you want to transport single pallets, or just a shipment of larger size, this is no problem at KLG Europe. 

You can also turn to KLG for various additional services. Our precise value added logistics (VAL) allows us to improve our customers' supply chain time and again.

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Customs clearance

Your shipments to or from Serbia are dutiable since Serbia is not an EU member. To perform customs formalities for import and export as fast as possible please contact our own customs department.

Contactinformation customs department

For export:: customs.export@venlo.klgeurope.com For import: customs.import@venlo.klgeurope.com Telephone number customs department KLG Europe: +31 (0)77 205 06 11

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Transport to Serbia with KLG Europe

In addition to our passion for logistics, we are continuously improving our logistics solutions. We have a proactive attitude when it comes to issues such as efficiency, service and sustainability. By also investing in the best technology, we deliver maximum service at minimum cost. For example, for transport to Serbia, we also offer the most practical, efficient and specific solutions.

Customs clearance in Serbia

When your goods enter or leave the European Union, you will often have to work with customs formalities. KLG Europe can support you with customs clearance and has the right knowledge and network for this. Moreover, we have software for handling such customs formalities electronically. We can also support you with:  

  • Customs clearance
  • Fiscal representation
  • Import duty optimization


With our modern fleet of vehicles, we reduce CO2 emissions by 15% as standard. This means that your transport is 15% more sustainable. Our corporate goal is to further reduce our CO2 emissions to 30%, aiming for zero emissions. 

Would you like to learn more about our sustainable logistics solutions or our sustainability goals? View our proposition on sustainability for more information.

Driving bans for transport in Serbia

Many European countries have their own laws and regulations regarding driving bans. For example, these can apply on Sundays and public holidays as well as during extreme weather conditions and vacation periods. The general driving bans and holidays can be found here in our overview. In case of other deviating and current driving bans due to unforeseen circumstances, we will inform our customers immediately.

Advice on transport to and from Serbia

KLG Europe attaches great importance to continuity and stability. That is why you get a fixed contact person when using our logistics solutions from and to Serbia. This contact person will keep you perfectly informed about matters such as arrival and/or departure times of your shipment. Do you still have questions? Then our logistics specialists will be happy to help you. Contact us without obligation to find out which smart distribution solution we have for you in Eastern Europe!

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