KLG Europe


KLG Europe, originally a Dutch family business, was founded in 1918 in Luyksgestel, the Netherlands. The company was taken over by Sinotrans Limited in 2019.


“For the past 100 years the Kuijken family has been working on a good foundation for KLG Europe. Mutual trust and respect within the organization are important to us, that is also how we treat our customers. In addition, continuity and stability of our organization is important for our customers. We continuously invest in new technological possibilities and sustainable solutions.

In recent years KLG Europe has grown tremendously and we also managed to achieve growth in times of economic crisis. We will continue this upward trend and the acquisition by Sinotrans Ltd. in 2019 is enabling us to serve our customers with an even wider range of logistics services in the future.

The basis of the organization has been formed by family norms and values ​​and that is how we will continue to operate our organization in the future.”


Passion for logistics drives KLG Europe to continuously improve service, efficiency and sustainability in order to achieve the maximum result.

KLG Europe is the logistics partner!


We unburden customers by offering customer specific, practical and efficient logistics solutions. By taking a proactive attitude and investing in the best technologies, we achieve optimum quality with the focus on the customer’s objectives.
By implementing continuous improvements and innovations, we are flexible and ensure clear and careful information. With this we guarantee high customer satisfaction and reliability.


  • Embrace changes and dare to innovate
  • Simple, transparent, open and inclusive
  • Unity and cooperation
  • Innovation and development
  • Correctness, pragmatism and integrity
  • Communication and trust
  • Different types of collaborations


Sinotrans Ltd. is known as one of the world's leading integrated logistics companies. Sinotrans Ltd. offers tailor-made logistics solutions and one-stop services to its customers. They offer services such as sea, road and rail transport, international express services, warehousing, distribution and they also act as forwarder or provide terminal services. By doing so, Sinotrans Ltd. strives towards optimization of equipment, information and capital flows for both its customers and the organization.

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