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Kees and Ad Kuijken

Two brothers, Kees and Ad Kuijken, together form KLG Europe’s Executive Board. They have been working in the family business from an early age, and are now at the helm together.

Kees Kuijken:

"I am the commercial man and Ad is the financial man. I find it a challenge to convince potential customers that we do things that other companies don’t, and maybe even can’t. Ad and I don’t need many words to understand each other. Previously, we made all the decisions together with our father. He was obviously taking us seriously. That is exactly how we want to work with our people. They didn’t get their positions in the company by accident. This approach works very well. There is a lot of mutual trust and respect within the company, which is also how we like to interact with our customers."

Ad Kuijken:

“We’ve covered all the aspects of the job ourselves too, from driving trucks to scheduling. We know how it works. We see the challenges and opportunities. Kees and I also know what to expect from each other. We know each other's strengths and weaknesses. He tends to be more in the spotlight, while I am working behind the scenes, ensuring a sound financial basis. The continuity and stability of the company are important to our customers. We have room to invest in new technological opportunities and sustainable solutions. The company has grown considerably in recent years. Thanks to our versatile services, we can offer our customers even better service, now and in the future."

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