KLG Europe

Customs warehouse in Venlo. With TAPA-A standards.

Our modern warehouse in Venlo is certified as a bonded warehouse. It provides unlimited storage of goods from the EU. You will only pay import duties / turnover tax when you transport the goods further into the EU.

Looking for a certified bonded warehouse?

We offer the highest quality.


TAPA-A standards

In our warehouses, we attach great importance to quality and safety. We use TAPA-A (Technology Asset Protection Association) standards when it comes to safety. Obviously, we also comply with all laws and regulations imposed to customs warehouses by customs.

Avoid unnecessary costs

In addition, you can store goods from non-EU countries without restriction in our bonded warehouses. In some cases it is very advantageous if the goods are first stored in the bonded warehouse so that import duties only come up if you have the goods transported further in Europe. Our product specialists will be pleased to tell you more about import duty optimization so that you can avoid unnecessary costs.

Outsource the complete import and/ or export?

Are you planning to outsource the complete import and/ or export including customs clearance? Even then you have come to the right place at KLG Europe. Using our worldwide finely dense distribution network and several of our own branches, we will get your shipment to the right place of destination anywhere in the world.


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