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Meet our new product; Book & Claim!

We have recently added this sustainable transportation solution, for which we use HVO100 fuel, to our logistics services. A fully customized sustainable solution applicable at shipment level! With this we offer our customers the possibility to choose a more sustainable way of transportation with a CO2 reduction of approximately 85%. We make this possible by using HVO fuel  (hydrotreated vegetable oil).

"For the people of today and the world of tomorrow”

This is what we stand for and what we do together with our customers and partners. Every day we take a step in the right direction. For a better and greener future!

What is HVO100?

HVO100 stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, a sustainable alternative fuel to regular diesel. It allows us to drastically reduce the transportation emissions of your shipments. This sustainable solution complements our existing sustainable solutions such as New Silk Road by rail (which we also offer completely CO2 neutral). With our Book & Claim solution, we can work with you to build a more sustainable chain. This supports both your and our sustainability goals, and together we reduce emissions within the supply chain.

Together we make the difference!

This concept (Book & Claim) contributes to the sustainability goals of our customers. "This opportunity for more sustainable transportation also gives our customers a suitable solution in their sustainability goals. We are also investing in a modern fleet of vehicles, we are looking even more critically at our fuel consumption and emissions, and we are elaborating with various stakeholders about the possibilities and testing of hydrogen electric driving".

Book & Claim gives your sustainability a boost!

The setup of the Book & Claim product is relatively simple. You can book your shipment through our portal, choose HVO100 and immediately claim the reduction in CO2 emissions. We provide you with a quarterly report showing how much CO2 you have reduced.

Would you like to know more about our Book & Claim product or how we can work together to achieve your sustainability goals? Then get in touch with your personal contact or one of our other experts.

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