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We have modern and secure warehouses in the Netherlands, Romania and the United Kingdom.

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KLG Europe has modern and secure bonded warehouses in the Netherlands, Romania and the United Kingdom. These are equipped according to the latest standards and newest technologies. This ensures that we can carry out our storage, packaging and order picking services accurately as possible. We attach great importance to safety and quality in our warehouses. We work with security standards based on TAPA-A (Technology Asset Protection Association). All our employees are well trained and experienced. This improves the quality of our work. They work in a safe working environment and are aware of the wishes of each customer. They add just that little bit of extra value to our services.

What are the advantages of bonded warehouse?

A bonded warehouse offers the possibility to store goods for an indefinite period of time, without having to pay import duties and VAT. Our warehouses can offer you a storage solution between the location, or country of collection and the destination of delivery. In this way customs duties and VAT imports are only paid in the country of destination and a possible double payment is avoided.  Your goods are therefore stored in a customs warehouse, which suspends the payment of import duties and VAT. This is a great advantage for you! 

As KLG Europe, we have our own customs warehouse. With our own in-house customs department and our own warehouses, we can meet these logistical needs. The entry into our warehouse is done by means of a customs declaration or an entry in the administration. A permit is required for this. This permit must state the type of goods that are stored in our custom warehouse. We have the knowledge in-house and we can completely unburden you.

Regardless of the type of product or the industry you are in, a bonded warehouse can be of interest to you if you import from outside the EU. If your organization re-export outside the EU, a bonded warehouse is the solution to avoid double payment of import duties and taxes. But also if you transport your goods further within the EU, bonded warehouse storage offers many advantages.

Logistics expertise & service

KLG Europe invests in the latest technologies and continues to develop. For example, our modern warehouse management system informs you of the status of your order  and your stock at any time. Our customers also make use of our value added services such as complete customer clearance: bonded warehousing and/ or fiscal representation. As an AEO certified carrier, we ensure that your logistics process is the fastest possible way down to the last detail. We discuss all options with you personally and together we arrive at the most suitable logistics solution for your logistics needs. If you do not have certain knowledge in-house, we do! We are pleased to help you and to ensure that your supply chain becomes more efficient and optimised. This is good for you, for your customers, but also for nature. We call this total unburdening. This way of doing business is in our DNA. Reliability, knowledge and expertise are central to this.

Value added services: bonded warehouse

In our bonded warehouses you can make use of our value added services, such as order picking, sorting, repacking and packaging, assembly, labeling and invoicing to your customers. In addition, we can process your returns and exchange goods within your supply chain. Whether the returned goods need to be returned to the production location, repackaged or relocated as stock, we handle everything accurately and efficiently for you. KLG is known as a specialist in warehousing and as a provider of the best value added services.

To ensure that we become a little greener every day, we also offer the possibility to reuse packaging materials. As a result, your CO2 footprint is reduced and this is good for the human of today and the day for tomorrow. This is sustainability.

Why KLG?

The employees of KLG Europe will be happy to assist you. Our employees make the difference, by continuously offering training and courses we ensure that our employees can provide you with good service. In addition, we consider continuity and stability very important and this is also reflected in our business operations. We ensure that your logistics processes become more efficient, safer, faster, simpler and more sustainable. 

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