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Import from China? KLG is ready for you!

Importing from China has never been so easy. However, there is still a lot to consider when you are setting up your logistics process in trade with China. KLG Europe takes all this work off your hands. We arrange the transport and make sure that all the paperwork is in order. 

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What is the best way to import your goods from China?

Whether it concerns air, sea or rail transport, KLG has a solution for every desired modality. Due to our large network within and outside Europe, we can transport your goods anywhere. We deliver door-to-door and we also take care of customs clearance in-house. Depending on you wishes and requirements when importing your goods, you can make use of KLG Europe

  • Rail transport
  • Air freight
  • Ocean freight

Rail transport to and from China

KLG Europe is a proud specialist in transports via the New Silk Road. With our New Silk Way Logistics (NSWL) initiative, your goods can be transported quickly, sustainable and cost-effectively. Where air freight is fast but more expensive and sea freight cheaper but slower, rail transport offers the best of both worlds. Other advantages of rail transport via KLG Rail (NSWL) are:

  • 40FT / 20FT / 45FT REEFER / 45FT HCPW – higher loading factor (85m3 – 33 euro pallets, 26 block pallets)
  • Non - temperature controlled
  • Temperature controlled
  • -30 to +30 ℃ temperature controlled
  • Green Cold Chain solution
  • Direct contact and agreements with rail agencies
  • Complete logistics service package for (non) temperature controlled shipments
  • 24/7 Control Tower
  • Standby repair service by Thermoking
  • Back offices for operational and customs clearance in Europe and China

On which aspects should you pay attention to when importing from China?

Have your goods been checked for quality? Is there no damage and is your shipment complete? Do you have your customs matters in order? Import duties, export documents, import documents, etc? Can you gain benefits from fiscal representation?

We are here to completely unburden you in the transport of your goods and all related actions. That way you do not have to worry about all the paperwork, we can do it all for you.

Warehousing for goods from China

Do you not need the foods immediately and do you want to store them temporarily? Then you can opt for warehousing at KLG. We have various strategic locations in Europe and bonded warehouses. In addition, the latest technologies are available in our warehouses and we can provide various VAS activities for you.

Groupage transport

Do you not need a full container for your transport? We also have the right logistics solution for transporting groupage shipments. Your desired modality and for a competitive rate!

Do you have questions or a shipment needs to be transported between Europe and China?

Let one of our specialists inform you. They will assist you and answer all your pressing questions about importing from China. Contact us to discuss the possibilities. If you want to gain more insight into the costs of a transport, request a price offer.

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