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Proud partner of many companies

We work for clients in various sectors. We offer client specific solutions to each challenge. We like to develop long-term, lasting relationships with you. Many customers have been loyal to us for years. We are very pleased and proud about this.

We work for customers in various sectors, including:

Retail / Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)

A highly competitive market where customers make stringent demands in terms of quality and cost. Moreover, the consumer expects the product to always be in stock or quickly available. This requires a logistics partner that manages to organise the logistics processes flawlessly at every stage. KLG has years of experience in this sector. We offer customised solutions. This includes smart inventory management, rapid customs clearance, fiscal representation, short transit times or consolidation.


Consumer electronics have a short lifespan and high value. In this sector, innovations take place in rapid succession. KLG offers the right logistics solution. We are proud that we have been working for a number of large parties in the consumer electronics industry, for years. We know the market well and know exactly how to deal with its specific requirements. Sales peaks, specific requirements on delivery addresses, stock reduction or a smooth launch of new products: we are ready to help you.


Transport of chemicals is complex and dangerous. Products such as paints, coatings, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, plastics, fertilisers or synthetic rubber require special attention throughout the supply chain. High environmental and safety requirements are essential. KLG knows this market and understands what is expected. We have been a logistics services provider for decades for, among others, DSM. Our people are aware of the requirements and regulations. We train them, offer security advice and provide internal training. All means of transport carrying ADR goods are equipped to do so. Drivers are in possession of the required ADR diplomas.

Textile, fashion, leisure and sport

Companies in textile, fashion, leisure and sports each have a specific high and low season with very large variations in volumes, to which the supply chain must immediately respond. Consumers have high expectations when it comes to quality and delivery time. KLG offers several solutions to assist with this. These include services regarding tax representation, inventory management, product quality checks and international distribution based on short transit times. We'll gladly offer you our input.


The industrial sector includes a variety of activities and businesses. Often, specific demands are put on (B2B) transport. A strong supply chain is crucial in this sector. KLG offers various logistics solutions for the industrial sector. This includes the use of side loading or megatrailers for single shipments or complete projects. Breakdowns, maintenance or downtime? We can deliver your spare parts extremely fast. If required, KLG's express service allows pan-European shipments, with the fastest possible transit times.


Companies in the automotive industry are looking for transport partners with high service levels, but at a good price. Moreover, the automotive industry often has a complex supply chain. KLG responds to that excellently. We have the right experience, knowledge and diversity in services. We immerse ourselves in your daily logistical challenges, think out-of-the-box and offer smart solutions. Always customised.

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