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KLG Europe is the logistics partner for all your transport issues to and from Poland. We are specialized in both national and international logistics services and are your reliable partner when it comes to transport. We are glad to give you more insight in the possibilities around transport from and to Poland. Would you like to receive a price indication for your transportation from or to Poland? Contact one of our specialists!

Transport possibilities
Gadki, Srem, Blonie
Maximum load
23 ton
3-4 days
Departure days
2-3 days
Departure days
1-2 days
Departure days
Express shipments

The fastest possible transport options

ADR shipments

With the right expertise for the transport of dangerous goods


Efficient and durable

Transport to and from Poland

KLG Europe is your transport specialist for Eastern Europe. We can relieve you of all your worries regarding road transport and European distribution. For efficient and qualitative logistical handling you are at the right place. Every day we do our utmost to provide our customers with the best possible service and to fully unburden them from their logistics needs. 

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Customs clearance

Your shipments to or from Poland are not dutiable. Exception to this is when your goods are not yet free goods (origin from Non-EU country and not customs cleared yet)

Contactinformation customs department

For export:: customs.export@venlo.klgeurope.com
For import: customs.import@venlo.klgeurope.com
Telephone number customs department KLG Europe: +31 (0)77 205 06 11

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Groupage transport Poland

Through our strong groupage network and our own branches, we are able to provide any transport to and from Poland. KLG Europe is your partner in groupage transport. Our reliable and high quality distribution network enables us to offer quality groupage freight. We provide daily transport to all European countries and so we can always find a suitable solution to suit your needs.

With groupage transport, several (smaller) loads are brought together into one larger cargo. Within this way, your smaller cargo can be shipped at a more attractive rate, without losing quality and this is more sustainable. This is because the costs of the total loads are divided over the different shipments. In this way, transport is used more efficiently. Cost-saving and very sustainable.

Why KLG Europe?

Your benefits:

  • High quality and reliability;
  • A skilled team that takes care of all your needs;
  • Short transit times;
  • Guaranteed departure times;
  • Daily departures for both groupage, LTL and FTL;
  • A good price and quality ratio;
  • Transport for both ADR and non-ADR shipments;
  • Track & Trace;
  • A solution for every challenge.

Road transport to Eastern Europe

Besides transport to and from Poland, we can also provide you transport to other destinations in Eastern Europe. With our own branches in various European countries, we can provide you with the best possible service. We transport daily to:

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