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General information

357021 km2
82.5 million
Driving bans
In Germany a driving ban is applicable on Sundays and holidays between 00.00 AM and 10.00 PM. Holidays can differ per region, especially when it concerns Catholic or Protestant holidays.

On Saturdays between July 1st and September 1st a driving ban is applicable on the main highways (7 AM - 8 PM).

For local roads a driving ban can be applicable during night hours (11 PM - 6 AM). This will be indicated by signs. On high ways no nightly bans will be applicable, with exception of Sundays and holidays.

Transport possibilities

More than 50 partners spread over whole Germany.
Maximum load
24 ton
Express shipments
ADR shipments

Customs clearance

Your shipments to or from Germany are not dutiable. Exception to this is when your goods are not yet free goods (origin from Non-EU country and not customs cleared yet)

Contactinformation customs department

For export: customs.export@venlo.klgeurope.com
For import: customs.import@venlo.klgeurope.com
Telephone number customs department KLG Europe: 0031(0)77 205 06 11

Other information

KLG is member and shareholder of 24Plus. This of origin German distribution network has 65 partners in Europe of which most of them in Germany. By this 24Plus network KLG offers for the small groupage shipments for ADR as well as for non hazardous goods daily departures with regular Transit times, 24 hours deliveries, urgent deliveries, fix/time slot deliveries. Except for the small groupage shipments KLG offers daily departures for LTL and FTL shipments throughout Germany by regular transit time or very fast by her express service.

More information

Phone number
0031 (0) 77 324 50 66


New Year's Day 01 Jan 2020  
Epiphany 06 Jan 2020  
Good Friday 10 Apr 2020  
Easter Monday 12 Apr 2020  
May Day 01 May 2020  
Day of Europe 09 May 2020  
Ascension Day 21 May 2020  
Whit Monday 01 Jun 2020  
Corpus Christi ( Baden-W?rttemberg, Beieren, Hessen, Noord-RijnCountry-Westfalen, RijnCountry-Palts en SaarCountry) 11 Jun 2020  
Assumption of Mary (SaarCountry en catholice deel Beieren) 15 Aug 2020  
Day of German Unity 03 Oct 2020  
Reformation Day (Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren, Saksen, Saksen-Anhalt en Th?ringen) 31 Oct 2020  
All Saints day 01 Nov 2020  
Repentance Day 18 Nov 2020  
Christmas 25 Dec 2020  
St Stephen's Day 26 Dec 2020