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KLG Europe introduces STRONGO

30 November 2021

STRONGO is the national courier service that focuses on the delivery of oversized produ...

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KLG Europe makes history with the future of the Silk Road

23 November 2021

BRAND STORIES Since KLG Europe was acquired by the Chinese giant Sinotrans, the footpr...

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Transport by rail between China and Europe has many advantages

16 November 2021

In recent years, many companies have been looking at alternatives to sea freight and ai...

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Supply Chain optimization starts with a proactive logistics service provider

15 October 2021

Differentiating yourself from the competition is possible by thinking ahead. KLG Europe...

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KLG Europe signs Green Deal

26 August 2021

KLG Europe recently signed the Green Deal for the project “Sustainable Business P...

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Development concerns Brexit. How is it going?

28 July 2021

Dutch companies are not yet finished with the challenges of Brexit. This is, among othe...

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Pandemic or Suez blockade: How this company always thinks ahead

09 April 2021

NSWL shares its strategy of “always thinking and acting ahead”. “We n...

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Curfew in the Netherlands – Transport excluded from curfew, declaration required

23 January 2021

A curfew will apply throughout the Netherlands from Saturday 23rd of January 2021. That...

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Security of the supply chain, together with KLG Europe

18 January 2021

The past few years, globally, there is a major increase visible in cargo thefts. The me...

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Salut! We are the logistics partner for transports to and from France

01 December 2020

KLG has more than just a number of years of experience. Not long after the Second World...

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"The New Silk Road is here to stay"

03 November 2020

Four years after its foundation, New Silk Way Logistics has become the market leader in...

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KLG Europe stands by partnership and cooperation

27 October 2020

In September 2019 a newsflash made the rounds in the European logistics trade press. Du...

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