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Experience the logistics supply chain: a sector full of speed and innovation

30 January 2024

KLG Europe has been committed for several years to getting pupils, students and job seekers excited about the transport and logistics sector.

This event provides an accessible way to learn about the industry. The logistics sector is rapidly developing into a knowledge-intensive industry. Data is the core of a good chain! During "Experience the logistics chain," the participating partners provide an attractive look into logistics.  This promotes the positive image of the sector and helps to leave all prejudices behind.

The industry today is dominated by speed, technical gadgets and innovation. Sustainability also plays an important role. This is in contrast to what many people think of a job in logistics, where many thoughts are still different. Like dusty and lifting heavy boxes.

The need for employees within the logistics sector has also risen sharply in recent years. The demand for good professionals exceeds the supply. As a strategic partner of various logistics training programs, KLG Europe sees this as a unique opportunity to work together even better on this. We enthuse pupils, students and job seekers by offering them different programs over different days. In this way each target group experiences the chain and discovers the opportunities within our beautiful industry.

We like to invest and share our knowledge with others. Together with education, we plant the seeds for our employees in a few years.

Watch here the after movie of the once again successful event on Wednesday, September 6, 2023, Thursday, October 5, 2023 and Thursday, November 23, 2023. During these days we shared knowledge, made acquaintances and let everyone experience the chain. On to next year!

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