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High(est) point | New construction KLG Eersel

14 December 2022

On the new piece of industrial estate de Meer in Eersel, we started the construction of our new premises earlier this year. In this first phase, this location will be equipped with 10,000 m2 of crossdock, our own workshop with five work lanes, our own truck wash and our employees will have the opportunity to walk in their own woods.

Highest Point:

We reached the highest point of our new building in Eersel today. We celebrate this milestone by raising our glass to a good cooperation and a tasty greasy snack for the hard workers of this project.

This project is made possible by: Vogels, FL, Peters Construction and Maintenance, CSB and Verheggen.


See the timeline below for other updates on this new construction project.

Also see these articles from Logistiek.nl and Eindhovens Dagblad.

The design | Early 2022:

Last period a lot of work was done on the design and elaboration for the purpose of the building permit application.

The shovel in the ground | April 2022:

During an official moment the shovel was put in the ground and we officially started the new construction of our location in Eersel. Continue reading the full news article here.

The foundation is the base | May/June 2022:

A lot of work was done by the contractor Peters Construction and Maintenance during this period to pour the cladding walls for the office. Soon after, they started work on the foundation, first floor and steel structure of the office.

The construction | July 2022:

The construction of the office is now complete. The next steps made during this period include the interior drainage and first floor of the office. The foundation of the atrium was scheduled for week 29.

And beyond... | September 2022:

The structural shell of the office is now complete. Also, the steel structure of the atrium has been placed. Even the facade elements have been placed and the foundation of the crossdock has been made.

The roof on it | October 2022:

The office facades are already fully insulated and the glass has been installed. Progress can also be seen at the cross dock. Here the concrete structure is now in place and the concrete roof plates are already on.

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