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06 April 2022

Start new construction Eersel - KLG Europe is putting its shovels into the ground and starting construction of its new branch in Eersel. On the new industrial estate of De Meer in Eersel (NL), construction has started on a two-floor office building, which will accommodate  more than 150 workplaces. In the first phase, the new building will be provided with approximately 10,000 m2 of cross-dock area, with expansion possibilities in the future. The new building will also have its own garage with five work lanes and a truck wash, and KLG Europe employees will have the opportunity to walk in their own forest.

Erik Loijen, CEO of KLG Europe: "In recent years we have had a great healthy and constant growth, and that results that our office, cross-dock and truck parking area car park have become too small at the current location. The new building was therefore necessary to continue our growth and to guarantee the quality of our services. The new office has two floors, which provides space for more than 150 very comfortable work places. The new cross-dock, from which we depart to France, contains approx.  10,000 m2 in the first phase. It will be fully equipped with the latest software and equipment in terms of security, camera and IT systems. For the maintenance of our trucks, there will be a new garage with five work lanes, for the maintenance of our own fleet of 280 trucks. There will also be a fully automated truck wash system."

The new building will have a modern look and will be equipped with all conveniences. The 300 m2 atrium will be an eye-catcher. "This is the connecting factor between the office building and cross-dock, which is made entirely of glass," says Johan Cuijten, General Manager of KLG Eersel. "In addition, we have a beautiful green area on the lot, our own KLG forest. This is the ideal base for the employees during breaks, but also provides the correct watering system for our lot". 

Future growth has been taken into account in the construction and future expansions are possible. Energy neutrality and sustainability play an important role in construction. Things like solar energy, but also the possibilities for charging electric cars and trucks are being looked into. In addition to modernization and the use of new innovative developments, such as automation and security, the new building offers the employees of KLG Europe and its customers great potential for further growth. The new building will allow KLG to continue to provide its high-quality service with even more innovative and sustainable solutions than its customers are already accustomed to. Together a little greener every day, that is what the company stands for.

"As KLG, we are building on the growth of the branch in Eersel and have deliberately chosen not to change the location of this branch. This is because of the jobs we are already creating and to limit the impact on the current staff. KLG Europe already provides more than 300 jobs in the Eersel region and this number will only grow in the future," says Erik Loijen.

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