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KLG Europe successful logistics service provider in China with 4 own branches

10 June 2016

Vendor Management Team China supervises total Supply Chain, reduces costs and optimizes logistic process.

In 2013 KLG Europe opened an office in Shanghai. Here it started a ‘Buyers Consolidation and Quality Inspection Centre’ where goods from an existing retail customer are checked on quantity, packaging, article number and quality before they are shipped to Europe. After the success of this concept KLG Europe opened another 3 branches in China.

In Qingdao, Xiamen and Shenzhen new facilities have been opened to enlarge the total coverage of KLG Europe in China. Besides the opening of the new facilities in these main Chinese ports the warehouse in Shanghai is expanded from 5.000 m2 to 11.000 m2, in order to serve more customers. KLG Europe now has a total warehouse capacity of 19.000 m2 in China. The modern warehouses offer a full package of consolidation possibilities and Value Added Services.

Besides the warehouse expansion, KLG Europe set up a Vendor Management Team in Shanghai. A team of 20 employees coordinates the total Supply Chain from Asia Pacific Region to Europe for KLG Europe’s customers.

For these Logistics Services, KLG Europe uses an advanced web-based tool where all stakeholders can find and share the necessary information. Also the prompt input of all stakeholders in this tool is registered and secured. The web-based tool informs the stakeholders regarding all necessary shipment information ‘just in time’, which reduces the amount of E-mails and improves information flows.

The Vendor Management Team realises improvements within all chains of the Supply Chain through more visibility, shorter lead times, less disturbings in the logistic flow. These improvements have a positive effect on the total costs within the Supply Chain.

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