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We have our own forest

24 May 2022

Logistics service provider KLG Europe has various branches in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Romania. From Eersel in the region Brabant (NL), the company mainly serves France. That is why this location was chosen again for the new branch, a bit further down the road on a plot already owned by KLG for some time. This also has an additional “green” advantage.

Johan Cuijten (KLG): 'We have our own forest'

Johan Cuijten, General Manager of KLG in Eersel, first explains briefly what exactly the logistics services provider does. “We focus on logistics services with warehousing and transport facilities. If we look at our branch in Eersel, our services are fully focused on France. We have our own fleet of vehicles at this location and also carry out crossdock activities.”

From France, KLG traditionally transports mainly wines to Dutch retailers, but also many other goods. Cuijten: “Goods heading for France include electronics, consumer goods and hazardous substances. In other words, a very wide range of products.”

Facilitating growth

“KLG Europe continues to grow rapidly and a new building was urgently needed”, says Cuijten. “The new building is on a plot a little further down the road, next to the A67, which means you can get to France quickly. The location is also very advantageous in relation to the other main route to France, the A2 via Liege (BE). The fact that our employees mainly live in this part of the country is also extremely important. 

“Another location, further away from our current location in Eersel, was not an option”

To just pick up our company and put it somewhere else has major consequences. So, from an organizational point of view, another location further away than our current location in Eersel was not an option. But here had to be enough space for a new building that could facilitate our growth in the coming years.”

A conscious choice for new construction

Although KLG is already located in Eersel, the company did decide to build a new construction. “That choice came from growth, we like to build on our future we know we will not be able to manage this with the current site. The current site is simply too small. We are lacking office space, sufficient parking space for our own modern fleet of vehicles and space for crossdocking our goods. So with a view to the future, a conscious and strategic decision was made to build a new construction.”

Crossdock and garage

On the new industrial estate De Meer in Eersel, the construction of a two-storey office building has already started, with space for more than 150 workplaces. In the first phase, the new building will be equipped with approximately 10,000 m2 of crossdock area, with the possibility of expansion in the future. The crossdock will be fully equipped with the latest software and equipment in terms of security, camera and IT systems.

“The 300 m2 atrium will be an eye-catcher”

Cuijten: “For the maintenance of our trucks, there will be a new workshop with five work lances, for the maintenance of our own fleet. There will also be a fully automated car wash. The new building will have a modern look and will be equipped with all conveniences.” The 300 m2 atrium will be an eye-catcher. “It will be the connecting factor between the office building and crossdock and is made entirely of glass.”

Building according to nZEB

“In terms of sustainability, new construction offers many more possibilities”, says Cuijten. “We are building entirely in accordance with the nZEB (nearly zero-emission building) requirements. We are full energy-neutral, with the exception of the fact that we are not allowed to instal as many solar panels on our roof as we would like. That has to do with back up capacity, which may be solved in the future. So we still have space for more solar panels. We also use air heat, return rainwater to nature and are gas-free.

“We still have space for more solar panels”

We also use triple glazing and offer possibilities for electric charging. Perhaps in the future we will be able to charge electric trucks. But is remains to be seen whether electric vehicles in road transport are the future or whether hydrogen will win the battle.”

Forest to relax

Forest to relax

The new building lies on the edge of Duizel, a village that is part of the municipality of Eersel. “You can see the village in the distance. For part of our new plot, we have started to create a landscape in consultation with Duizel.”

“The new building is nicely encapsulated by a forest”

This is because we already owned the plot. Over the years, this has created a beautiful area, a forest as it were, where employees can relax during their breaks. The new building is nicely encapsulated by the forest. In this way, we are contributing to the social responsibility to counteract the “damnation” of the Dutch landscape”, says Cuijten.


Source: Logistiek.nl (article in Dutch)

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