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17 July 2023

KLG Europe is a logistics partner where you can blindly rely on quality.

Every sector has its own wishes, requirements and certainly also ambitions for example in the field of sustainability. As KLG Europe we know like no other that every customer is unique and every customer needs specific solutions to realize an optimal Supply Chain.

We not only have an experienced team of logistics professionals but also years of experience in a wide range of sectors. That professionalism and experience ensures a quality solution for every logistics question.

At KLG Europe we do not offer a standard solution but look further. We sit down with our customers and together with our specialists we look at what is needed to best execute the logistics issue. We come up with advice that optimizes your supply chain even further.

Because we look beyond a standard solution and delve deeper into our customer's wishes and requirements, we know what is going on in the various sectors. As your logistics partner, we know where and how to invest and how we can optimize our services. This in order to continue to meet the ever-changing demand and developments in each market. The world does not stand still and neither do we!

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is of great importance to daily life and indispensable to the economy and society. These are characteristics similar to our own industry. The logistics industry is also indispensable. In addition, companies in the chemical industry often work together to deliver a better (end) product but also to be stronger together in terms of innovation and sustainability. This is another characteristic that unites us. KLG Europe invests a lot in partnerships that make us stronger as well as smarter.

The chemical industry is one of the largest sectors worldwide. This sector is indispensable and makes a large contribution to the national gross product.

Chemical sector and logistics

That chemical sector needs logistics solutions. Especially in this sector, the logistics solutions must comply with strict laws, requirements and quality standards.  As KLG, we have been active in this sector for many years and many customers in the chemical sector have known KLG for years as the logistics partner that does what it promises. Among others, we are proud logistics partner of: DSM, Akzonobel, PPG and Delamine.


In order to provide our customers in the chemical sector with full logistic services, we continuously invest in quality and safety assurance. We demonstrate this through certificates that are important for the chemical sector. KLG has the following certificates, among others; ISO, SQAS and Ecovadis. Investing in quality and safety is continuously on our agenda. We will invest now and in the future in our high-quality logistics services .


Standard quality is only logical for us, but in addition to a thorough handling of your transports, we can meet the demands of your industry. This may include the use of;

  • Double deck trailers
  • Box trailers
  • Vans
  • Our own state of the art equipment
  • 'Truxsafe' equipment

We can also equip our fleet with side boards, straps, thermal covers and anti-slip mats to ensure the safety of your shipments during transport and on the road.  We can also provide cargo securing and dunnage material (for filling empty spaces). That is what we call; fully logistical unburdening.


Goods must be transported safely, especially in the chemical industry. There are many guidelines, wishes and certainly also requirements that our services must meet. Legally regulated, simply desirable and also logical. The industry demands our customer PPE, prohibitions on mixed loading, sharing of subcontractor data and, among other things, GPRS systems that track temperature in addition to tracking. Also, shipments may not be sold on the online market.


Reiterating that the world is increasingly depending on IT is actually no longer necessary. It has been a given for years that the world is dependent on IT and IT systems. At KLG Europe we have our own in-house IT team which allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to the rapidly changing demands of our customers but also from within our organization. Improving the existing way of working even further is our priority. How can we deliver our services more efficiently, more sustainably and more effectively and relieve our customers of their worries.  Orders are sent automatically via EDI links so that systems and applications talk to each other. Data is exchanged for optimal Big Data .  Self billing via applications, collection and delivery confirmations via app and full track & trace tools are IT solutions that the chemical industry wants and demands. But also what we as a logistics partner for many customers in the chemical industry know how to meet.

Loading and unloading

Goods are loaded and unloaded as agreed. If required, we can offer 100% fixed loading and delivery times. Because of our strong and strategic network, but also because of our own fleet, we have strict lead times and fixed departure days. And whether a language is a requirement or a plus; we comply!


Promising quality is one thing, demonstrating it through good results using KPIs is the confirmation of this quality. By providing transparency, our customers know that we are actually delivering the quality. In addition, we continuously monitor whether we deliver on the quality promise of our own services.

Our KPIs include;

  • On time pick up
  • On time delivery
  • Error-free shipments,
  • Safety error-free shipments,
  • Order without complaint (Bonus/malus),
  • OTIF,
  • PODs on request,
  • Complaint handling,
  • Vehicle availability
  • Order acceptance
  • Rejected shipments
  • Delayed acceptance of shipments
  • Quality defects.


As KLG Europe, we use programs where quality, safety, security and environment are key issues. We have addressed this in our program GEORGE. This allows us to preserve and ensure topics such as ethics and a responsible environment.

At KLG Europe, like the chemical industry, we are aware of the impact our sector has on the environment. We therefore opt for sustainable(er) solutions. These are often also the most economical solutions, especially in the long term. Because sustainability leads not only to gains for the environment, but also for the economy.


How can we help you?

Are you curious how we can also offer you a suitable logistics solution in the chemical industry? We would be happy to discuss with you to see how we as logistics experts and professionals can improve and further optimize your supply chain. Please contact us.



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