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Successful test of 5G edge technology at KLG Europe

31 January 2024

KPN, the leading telecommunications and IT provider and market leader in the Netherlands, has successfully tested innovative 5G technology at KLG Europe. For this, KPN is combining the power of its mobile network with the benefits of edge computing. By placing a local 5G gateway on site, part of KPN's mobile 5G network runs locally and KLG Europe benefits from high reliability, real-time response times and all data stays in-house which is in line with increasingly stringent security requirements.


KLG Europe's distribution center is staffed by automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that pick up and distribute packages and pallets. To route mobile data from the AGVs directly to the AGV server at the same location, a local 5G gateway was installed. This has resulted in an improved response time (latency) of only 4 milliseconds, which is near real-time. This improves accuracy and keeps all processed data in-house.

Erik Loijen - CEO KLG Venlo "As KLG Europe, we want to stay ahead. Also with 5G and relevant 5G solutions that meet the needs of our customers in terms of speed, efficiency, reliability and security."

More info? Check out the video.


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