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We speak the Spanish logistic language like no other!

Export to Spain, what are the challenges within your transport? Where can we help you or what can we improve about your current way of importing or exporting? Speed, cost, accuracy and/ or frequency? International transport and smart logistics solutions, our team is at your service every day. We take care of the transport and KLG is your reliable partner for import from or export to Spain.

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Our many years of broad experience in the transport world make us very versatile. We have a large distribution network and we are the expert in transporting your cargo to Spain. Your transport is in good hands with KLG: 

  • Short lead times
  • Guaranteed capacity
  • Groupage transport departs, four times a week
  • Daily departures LTL (Less than Truck Load) andFTL (Full Truck Load)
  • No destination unreachable
  • Good prices
  • Both ADR and non ADR shipments  (Accord européen relatief au transport international de marchandises Dangereuses par Route)
  • Track & trace

Export Spain: transport

Do you want to export goods to Spain? Whatever your wishes are, KLG Europe takes care of all the transports to Spain. You can contract us for both groupage, LTL and Full Truck Loads. You have also come to the right place for other logistics services. Think, for example, of temporary storage, value added services, express transport, customs clearance, transport to the Spanish islands and all other countries in the world with any modality!

Transport to Spain

Export to Spain is possible via road transport. Many places can be reached via the major roads, whether we have to be in the big cities such as Madrid, or somewhere in the province of Catalonia, everything is possible! Also transport to the Spanish islands, Andorra and Gibraltar is no problem! KLG Europe arranges your transport to the Spanish sun from all over Europe.

Groupage transport Spain

Groupage transport is one of the many transport options offered by KLG Europe. Thanks to a reliable and high-quality distribution network, we can offer high-quality groupage transport to and from Spain at a competitive price. We take care of the transport from all European countries on a daily basis, we listen to the wishes and requirements of the customer and we think in terms of solutions. At KLG Europe we offer you groupage transport, so that despite a small volume you can transport your goods to or from Spain completely unburdened. Groupage transport is convenient, environmentally friendly and cost effective!

European distribution KLG Europe

With our own trucks and reliable network, we provide daily international transport to and from all European countries. For example, we have more than 450 departures to and from France every week. We have our own fleet, in-house customs department, warehouse location(s) and a reliable local distribution network in all European countries. 

KLG Europe maintains short lines of communication with the customer and we offer logistics services via road transport, sea freight, air freight, rail transport and intermodal transport. This way you quickly have clarity about which logistics solution is the best for your company for export to Spain or import from Spain.

The advantages of KLG Europe

KLG Europe was founded more than 100 years ago and offers logistics services worldwide. In the years that we have been active, we have gained a lot of experience, so we know for sure that we can transport your goods perfectly. We know the logistics market like no other and we know the requirements of companies in all industries. From transport via road, water or rail to value added service in our modern warehouses. With our 15 own branches in three countries and our very reliable network, we are always nearby. 

Export goods to Spain? KLG Europe is your partner. Are you curious about our solutions for export to Spain? Our specialists are ready to help you find the best suitable solutions. Please feel free to contact us.

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