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The EC (tran)sport matches | Semi-finals

09 July 2024

The semi-finals promise to be an exciting battle!

On 9 July, at 9pm, Spain will play the match against France in Munich and on 10 July, at 9pm, the Netherlands will play the semi-final against England in Dortmund.

Just as the teams are preparing for the matches, football fans remain focused and KLG Europe remains committed to providing the best possible transport.

Are you already familiar with our options for transport to Spain, France, the Netherlands and England? And did you know that we also offer intermodal transport? We provide transport from road and sea to rail and air freight.

Discover our possibilities now and contact us!

The Driving Force of European Logistics and (Tran)Sport | KLG Europe

In the fast-changing world of logistics and transport, KLG Europe is positioning itself as a leading player that continuously raises service standards to new heights. With an impressive heritage dating back to 1918, we have evolved into a logistics giant offering innovative solutions for both national and international markets.

Superior services, innovative solutions

At KLG Europe, we are more than just a logistics company; we are a reliable partner providing complete supply chain solutions. Whether it is transport by road, water, rail or air, or a combination of these, i.e. inter- or multimodal. We offer it, but that's not all. You can also turn to us for container trucking, KLG trucking, warehousing and customs operations to advanced IT solutions. We understand our customers' complex needs and offer tailor-made solutions that ensure efficiency and reliability.

Pan-European Outreach

With our strategically positioned offices across Europe, we offer coverage beyond the borders of continental transport. This extensive network enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to dynamic market needs. Whether it's the bustling streets of London, the industrial hubs of Germany or the wide-open landscapes of Eastern Europe, we always ensure on-time deliveries as agreed.

Innovation and sustainability

At a time when sustainability is paramount, we are leading the way with our eco-friendly logistics solutions. We are continuously investing in green technologies and methods to reduce our carbon footprint. This includes using vehicles with low energy consumption, optimising transport routes and placing a strong emphasis on recycling and reuse within our warehouses and materials.

Logistics Powered by Technology

We understand that technology drives today's logistics services. Thanks to our advanced IT systems and real-time tracking software, our customers can track and manage their shipments across Europe. This transparency and control provides peace of mind and enhances supply chain efficiency

Customer focus: Our Main Value

Our success is based not only on our comprehensive services and innovative solutions, but also on our customer-centric approach. We are committed to creating lasting relationships by giving each customer individual attention and understanding their unique needs. This leads to tailor-made logistics solutions that exceed expectations.

The power behind your operations

At KLG Europe, we are synonymous with reliability, innovation and customer focus in the logistics sector. Our commitment to service excellence and continuous improvement makes us an indispensable partner for companies looking for efficient and sustainable logistics solutions across Europe and beyond. Whether for large-scale projects or specialised distribution orders, we always deliver the solution, continuing to push the boundaries of your and our logistics capabilities.

With KLG Europe at your side, you are assured of a partner that not only understands your logistics challenges, but also solves them with a combination of experience, innovation and dedication.

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