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The first 50 DAF XG+ trucks the future for KLG Europe

13 October 2022

Last week the first of a total of 50 new DAF XG+ trucks drove onto the KLG Eersel premises. With the purchase of these new trucks, KLG is building its future. Further improvement of quality, efficiency, sustainability, safety and also a good workplace for its drivers are thus guaranteed.


KLG Europe is known as an employer and as a logistics service provider for its very modern and new fleet of trucks. With the purchase of the new trucks, the first 50 of which are DAF XG+ trucks, KLG is once again living up to its name. KLG's fleet will be replaced to new models after 3 years of deployment. KLG is taking these 50 of DAF's latest showpieces on the road and building its future.

Johan Cuijten - General Manager KLG Eersel: "As KLG we only drive EURO 6 and are very active in reducing our CO2 emissions. We have already achieved the goal we set for 2025 to reduce our CO2 emissions by 15%. The diesel engines of the New Generation DAF, including the XG+ model, ensures lower CO2 emissions. So the purchase of these 50 new trucks contributes to our sustainability goals. Safety on the road is also further improved by the larger windows and the digital camera system, among other things."

Bianca Arens - HR KLG Eersel and Rotterdam: "KLG values its colleagues highly. We realize very well that it is the people behind KLG who make the difference and give quality to our logistics services. Mutual respect and appreciation are the points that bind colleagues to you. As a token of our appreciation, we handed out the keys of the first new trucks to the drivers who have been with us the longest. A nice gesture which is very characteristic for KLG, you immediately see how the organization is put together. We find it important that our drivers have a good workplace. KLG deliberately chose the largest version XG+ because of the extra large interior space of the cabin. This adds even more comfort to the workplace of our drivers."

That KLG has been actively building its future for years and sees its employees as the core of the organization is abundantly clear. Not only the vehicle fleet but also the new premises for the Eersel branch are an example of this. The new office building, its own workshop for fleet maintenance and a 10,000 m2 cross-dock will help KLG respond to the changing demand in the logistics market. But also to offer growth to its customers and continue to facilitate a good workplace for its highly committed employees.

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