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Sustainability on wheels

14 January 2022

The transport and logistics sector is responsible for a part of the CO2 emissions. Reducing these emissions is on the top of our agenda and many successes have already been achieved. Sustainability gains can therefore even been achieved on moving wheels. From moving truck tires to for example; granulates, fine rubber powders and iron smelters.

Our transports have an impact on the environment. Sustainability and reducing the CO2 footprint is a very important theme not only internationally, but also within KLG. We are aware that it can and must be more sustainable. We therefore have many measures, steps and diverse initiatives that we are taking. Recyclizing our truck tires is one of them.

A truck tire has a lifespan of 200.000 km. Every year we replace 1500 truck tires of our entire fleet. By properly training and making our drivers aware of their contribution, we minimize this impact on the environment. The residual flow we have from tuck tires find a second live in recycling. For example, we have had our truck tires recycled into granulates, fine rubber powders and the iron in the tires into iron smelters for many years.

But we take many more measures to make our wheels on the road as sustainable as possible. For example, we only drive the latest EURO 6 vehicles and our drivers follow various eco-driving training courses. We participate in various field labs and sustainability programs such as the Lean & Green Star and one-belt-one-road program, which are focused on CO2 emissions. And we continuously invest in optimizing our sustainability of our fleet, buildings and much more.

Erik Loijen (CEO) “We have a corporate goal and that is to reduce our CO2 emissions. We have already achieved the first step that we wanted to achieve before 2025, namely the reduction of CO2 emissions from our trucks by 15%. There are also many sustainability gains to be made in the field of modal shift, and we have invested heavily in this in recent years. Just look at the success of our service: New Silk Way Logistics.”

More information about our extensive sustainability program, our achieved certificates, successes and sustainability goals is available on our sustainability page.

Together with our suppliers and customers, we ensure a greener tomorrow. 

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