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16 August 2022

More efficient, cheaper, more sustainable, faster and better!

Our customers have logistical challenges and we provide the specific solution for them. At KLG Europe we go further than just a standard solution. We look at the complete logistics picture of our customers. Through experience, innovation, a complete range of logistics services and smart IT solutions. As a result, the suitable solution is often “smarter” than the competition.


Logistics starts with the purchase (or production) of raw materials, then follows the production process of the product, storage, sales and distribution to the end customer. All these operations; from production to delivery to the customer can be made “smarter”. By looking at the entire Supply Chain together with the customer, we as a logistics service provider can often speed up this process, make it more sustainable, automated and cheaper.

Sending orders can be automated, the loading frequency can often be reduced through consolidation, and we can offer shorter durations through a European-wide network of daily departures to various countries. Our fleet is modern, very well maintained and our drivers are trained to drive as safely and economically as possible. Besides road transport we have numerous possibilities for multimodal and intermodal transport. We also like to thin along with you about modal shift.

Goods can be stored in our modern (bonded and non-bonded) warehouses. A smart warehouse management system not only enables us to keep accurate stock levels, but also to make forecasts about the demand for our products. Our in-house logistics services enable us to supply the products on customer demand at any time.

As KLG Europe, we are constantly working to further improve and optimize our logistics services. We have already implemented many cases in practice.


In Romania, we developed the product Simplify. Which is fully integrated as a response to the extreme increase of online orders and the related logistical challenges. With this service, we offer online companies the possibility of bringing all their logistics services at one supplier. For many online companies, internal processes have been simplified and the implementation of our service within their implementation of our service within their organization has resulted in operational optimization, lower costs and higher customer satisfaction. That is what we call thinking along with the customer!


The newest service product in Romania is Strongo. This allows us to transport more than just shipments with the standard dimensions. We have made it possible to also distribute and deliver heavier products with unusual dimensions within the fast possible timeframe throughout Romania. 


New Silk Way Logistics is a join venture where KLG is one of the leading companies. After a few years of establishing this service, we have become the market leader in temperature controlled door-to-door transport by rail to and from China.


Automatied Guided Verhicle Systems are used for tasks that are usually performed by forklifts, conveyors and pump trucks. In our warehouse in Waalwijk, we use these robots that with high accuracy after receiving an order pick the shipment from our racks and prepare it for transport.

As KLG Europe. We are known for our specific and practical solutions. When solutions do not exist we simply build and make the solutions by ourselves! Not only in the area of logistics services but also in innovative improvements and IT technology. We make not only our own service “smarter” but also that of our customers.

Wondering how your supply chain can be smarter? We would be pleased to take a look with you!


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