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KLG Europe introduces STRONGO

30 November 2021

STRONGO is the national courier service that focuses on the delivery of oversized products (large appliances, furniture, sanitary ware, building materials, etc.) to the end user. The new e-commerce service is based on the existing national network of KLG Europe in Romania. We have nine strategically located hubs in the country’s largest cities. Through our network, we enable delivery in just 24-48 hours all over Romania. We know our way around and we provide our services, even in areas that are difficult to reach.  


Our STRONGO customers will benefit from door-to-door deliveries, a simplified way of refunds via collector of bank account. But also in addition, the removal or collection of residual packaging and packaging materials, the return of documents. There is also the opportunity to take back the old products on the basis of a repurchase option.

“Last year we saw that Romanian consumers are increasingly willing to buy appliances, furniture, sanitary or tools online in addition to fashion, personal care or IT. This is how our idea for STRONGO was born. By using this service, companies with both physical and online stores will have access to a service that specializes in delivering unconventional and large products to the end consumer,” explains Daniel Radu, National Transport Director.

Due to the high degree of automation and digitization, STRONGO offers customers the opportunity to implement flows and future strategies at the KLG speed. Together we bring out the best in each other, by working together and using each other’s strengths. In addition, our STRONGO customers also have access to all our other logistics activities and transport modalities such as road, sea, rail and air. Every end user has instant access to all information about the couriers services. The customer can also view real-time reports.

“It is very important to build a relationship of trust with our customer. That is why we have prioritized the transparency of all processes and an easy access to all the information the customer needs. This is possible thanks to our infrastructure that we offer. This allows us to offer integrated service through STRONGO,” said Daniel.

Our unique domestic distribution system with 24-48 hours coverage throughout Romania offers the advantage of access to the KLG Europe network. We want to strengthen and further optimize our position as market leader in the national distribution of B2B goods via the existing groupage system. For example, KLG Europe offers daily routes to the regional hubs throughout the country via two types of service: the 24h premium service and the 24-48h standard service.

As an organization, we continue our path to success by offering customers innovation, certainty and by offering total unburdening. STRONGO, the new home delivery service for large shipments. The philosophy of KLG Europe is guided by our standards and values that have been typical for over a century. These are based on trust, collaboration, innovation, reliability and passion. This is a powerful mix that contributes to long-term growth and adds value for our customers and partners.

This article is based on the publication in Business Review.



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