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Sea transport from door to door including container transport from port to final destination

KLG Europe is your reliable partner in the field of sea freight and container transport in Rotterdam and far beyond. We take care of the collection of your goods, sea freight with the full door to door service, the transport from the pick-up address to the port, front the port to the port, from the port to the delivery address and activities related to container transport. We provide excellent service and completely unburden you of your logistics needs.

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Borderless logistics

KLG Europe transports your goods by road, rail, ocean or rail. Transport from port to the final destination is a small but crucial part of sea transport, we provide you with a door to door service in the field of sea transport. This is done quickly, efficiently and safely. KLG Europe transports your container(s) from the required pick-up address to the required final destination with its container transport Rotterdam, and far beyond. We always pay attention to your wishes and needs. Together with our experienced team, we take care of planning your sea freight and container transport from, for example, Rotterdam to all places in the world. We call this Borderless Logistics. In addition, the communication is always clear, so that you know exactly where you stand and you quickly receive a clear answer to any question. 

As a forwarder, KLG Europe provides door to door intercontinental air transport and sea transport. We have a strong focus on areas far beyond Europe, including; the Fast East, China, India, Pakistan, but also to and from Israel and the Middle East. We offer door to door logistics solutions, but also directly from port to port or via cross trades with, but also without, temporary storage. Our bonded warehouses and our own in-house customs team are a very important link in offering you complete logistics unburdening. Whether it concerns a single container that has to be transported once or for projects where dozens or hundreds of sea containers have to be transported on an annual basis. KLG Europe is your partner!

Our container transport services in Rotterdam? You can find them below:

  • Transport of various sizes of containers: 20ft, 40ft and 45ft
  • Transport of containers by means of genset
  • Tracking the transport by means of Track & Trace
  • Permanent contacts in our planning department
  • Experienced drivers who are known at the container terminals

By automating our processes, we save time, increase safety and minimize the change of errors. We achieve this through the use of the most innovative technologies and a highly committed and skilled team. At KLG Europe we deliver high quality. We do this with our eye on costs. 

Intermodal container transport Rotterdam

Sea transport has many phases. There is container transport from collection address to the port, sea transport from port to port and onward transport (container transport) from port to delivery address. By using different modalities during all these phases of transport, we ensure an optimally suitable form of transport for your goods. Intermodal transport means that different modes of transport are used by transport from A to B. Thanks to our many years of experience in, among other things, sea freight intermodal and container transport, we are extremely knowledgeable in shortening delivery times and reducing empty kilometers. This saves costs and makes a positive contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. That is sustainability with the focus on tomorrow. We are Lean & Green certified, where we have proven that we have achieved a reduction of at least 20%. This allows us to assure you sustainable transport solutions.


In addition to door to door sea freight and container transport in Rotterdam, KLG Europe also provides services such as packaging, storage and order picking. We do this in our ultramodern warehouses. Here we take all your work off your hands. We ensure that every link in your supply chain connects seamlessly. This ensures that you do not lose valuable time and it is a complete unburdening.

1300 Number of employees
17 Number of branches
300 Own trucks
1.350.000 Shipments per year

Customs handling container transport Rotterdam

In addition to our reliable door to door sea freight and container transport, we provide specialized advice for your goods. At KLG we always arrange the full customs clearance of the total transport, including container transport in Rotterdam, but also far beyond. This means that we always provide the necessary documents and arrange the (digital) paperwork. This includes customs procedures such as; VAT, excise duties and other obligations. We also take care of the customs clearance of your goods and we also act as a tax representative. All facets of transport with one logistics partner, that is complete unburdening and we are your logistics partner for now and for the future.

Point of contact container transport

At KLG Europe there is always a contact person who can tell you everything about the status of your container transport. The point of contact monitors whether everything is going well and makes adjustments where necessary. Of course you can also follow your shipment via track & trace.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for door to door sea freight and container transport?

We are the specialist in door to door sea freight, container transport and storage. KLG Europe organizes sea freight and container transport to and from the ports of Rotterdam and far beyond. Full door to door service. Quick and efficient. Feel free to contact us or request a price indication directly!

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