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Intermodal. Efficient and sustainable.

With intermodal transports, we combine several modes of transport. Economical and sustainable. Always tailored to your needs, your situation and your requirements.

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Because of our cooperation with reliable partners worldwide, we are always able to deliver the most efficient form of transport.

Worldwide intermodal

Sea transport is the most sustainable form of transport. On arrival at the port, intercontinental cargo can be re-packed to smaller (river) vessels transporting it to the final destination. The containers can also be transferred on a train or a trailer. A combination of air and sea transport is also possible. We arrange everything for you.

Transport is our daily work

As a specialist in transport solutions, we gladly advise you on the best approach. A solution that fits your business, your goals and your needs. An approach that will also work in the long term and will help you accommodate your customers even better. We always make an informed choice between the different options of intermodal transport and provide you with objective advice.

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