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KLG Europe guarantees sustainable transport!

Sustainable entrepreneurship is part of KLG Europe's business operations. We are aware that, as a major transport company, we have an important and social responsibility. That is why we make well-founded choices when it comes to people and the environment: we pay extra attention to maintaining the standards relating to health, quality and safety. We naturally do this in accordance with local laws and regulations, which are also described in our Business Code of Conduct.

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KLG Europe continuously strives to improve health, safety and environmental objectives. We use our CO2 ladder to set medium to long-term goals based on our standards and values. KLG Europe takes measures that reduce CO2 emissions and offers sustainable, innovative and logistical solutions. The health of our own employees is paramount to this. How do we do this? We achieve our goals with the help of our 'Lean and Green' policy and making our transport more sustainable through CO2-neutral and intermodal transport. In addition, we offer our customers alternative, more sustainable solutions, such as modal shift.

What is sustainable transport?

Sustainability and transport seem to be at odds with each other. The transport of goods by land, sea and air often involves the use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions. As a result, there is still much to be gained in the field of sustainable transport. A switch to sustainable fuels is therefore essential.

Several studies indicate that the transport world can be fully sustainable by 2050. To achieve this goal, other forms of fuel would have to be used. Consider, for example, the combination of electricity, hydrogen and other fuels. This is already happening a lot in the automotive industry. If everyone contributes to reducing CO2 emissions, sustainability in the transport sector must be achieved. An ideal that KLG Europe is working hard to achieve.

Sustainable transport at KLG Europe

KLG Europe aims to be completely CO2 neutral by 2050. To achieve this, we opt for good material, cleaner solutions (such as intermodal transport) and more efficient transport. Intermodal transport means that different modalities of transport are used for transport from A to B. For each transport, we look at which mode of transportation is the most sustainable. This route is then always geared to the load. An advantage of intermodal transport is that it is a sustainable solution with a positive effect on our own CO2 footprint.

In addition to the well-known forms of transport, KLG Europe now also has an excellent alternative: conditioned train transport via the New Silk Road. We don't emit anything here. To control the temperature in the containers, we use an engine that runs on diesel. However, we only use biodiesel. This makes transport by rail much more sustainable than any other modality. Transport by rail is already more sustainable than other modalities and with this smart solution even more sustainable. This makes transport by rail much more sustainable than any other modality.

With sustainable transport, we closely monitor the logistics planning and ensure that the load is optimal. This means that we keep an eye on the fuel consumption of our drivers and that they drive as few kilometers as possible without a load. Because our drivers drive many kilometers, KLG Europe invests in the most modern trucks. In addition, our entire fleet meets the emission standard 'Euro 6', we train our drivers so that they learn how to drive as safely and economically as possible and we are a field lab partner of DAF and Unit45. KLG Europe goes that extra green mile.

KLG Europe’s Lean and green award

KLG holds the Lean & Green certificate and has proven over the past five years that we have managed to reduce at least 20% of our emissions. We have done this on the basis of our CO2 reduction plan: in this way we will become increasingly greener and we will continue to commit ourselves to achieving our environmental objectives.

More information about sustainable transport

Would you like more information about our sustainable policy and the possibilities we offer in the field of sustainable transport? Or do you have any pressing questions? Please contact us. KLG Europe is happy to work with you on a sustainable future!


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