KLG Europe

Urgent transport service within Europe

22 January 2016

The fastest possible transport solution with a logistics partner where customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

KLG Europe offers the express service, where shipments with a tight scedule are transported with sprinters. The express service offers daily departures for both import and export shipments to or from the Netherlands. It is also possible for shipments, which are meant to be loaded elsewhere in Europe, to be transported to any destination in Europe with the highest urgency. KLG Europe will always find an appropriate solution for the transport of dangerous goods, temperature-sensitive goods, early or late deliveries and pick-ups, returns and time-bound deliveries. Besides the transport itself, KLG also arranges customs clearance and the customer has one direct contact person which knows all the ins and outs of the shipment.

Kees Kuijken, CEO KLG Europe: "Shipments, which are under a tight deadline, should be transported within the shortest possible time. A call to the express service of KLG Europe is enough to arrange this. We check how we can deliver the goods to the destination in the fastest way. We inform the client about the possibilities and the costs and arrange everything for the transport. That's how we ensure the deadline from our customer. In most cases, we guarantee a smooth delivery within 24 hours or with longer processes up to 48 hours."

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