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Corona virus: prevention policy

02 March 2020

Version April 1st, 2020.

Consequences Corona virus

The developments and measures around the Corona virus (COVID-19) changing at very rapid pace. We need to adapt in an extraordinary situation. For everyone and therefore also for us everyone should take their own responsibility. It is not an easy time for anyone and a lot is being asked of all of us. As KLG, we are well aware of how we can count on the support and dedication of our team during this difficult time. We put our shoulders to the wheel and adapt to new measures, new situations and new rules. We work partly from home, partly in the office and are on the road, because transport has to continue.

Our logistics sector is essential for the well-being of society and the economy. As KLG, we are extremely proud of how our team of colleagues manage everything during this difficult time and that we can continue to count on each other. Together we do everything we can to ensure that our customers' logistics processes run as much as possible in the way they are used from us. The safety of our colleagues is paramount!

To minimize the spread of the virus, several measures are been taken at national and international level.

We are closely monitoring the situation, ensure the safety of our employees is paramount and stay in close contact with our customers and partners to find, in a time of extraordinary circumstances, the best possible transport solutions for everyone. With this, we try to minimize the impact on our own business and the business of our customers.

KLG Europe has set up a special Corona Crisis Team (CCT) which closely monitors the situation and coordinates and communicates to all stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers and other parties) regarding the Corona virus. In all its decisions, the KLG CCT follows and acts according to the regulations of the Governmental Health Institutions (such as: RIVM). Given the international nature of our organization, all communication will be in Dutch and English.

To minimize the risk of spread, most of our colleagues who normally work in the office work from home. In addition, we have adapted large teams to smaller teams that work in shifted shifts to reduce the risk of potential infection of spreading the virus

So far, the CCT has implemented a strict hygiene protocol and refined the KLG company policy, regarding to the Corona Protection Protocol. This protocol and refined company policy are shared with KLG’s stakeholders and brought several times to every ones attention. In addition, all our customers are informed by letters about the current situation and how we, as KLG and as their logistics provider, deal with this situation.

Are KLG employees infected with the Novel Corona virus (COVID-19)?
As far as we know, no KLG employees are infected with the Corona virus. The safety of our employees is paramount in all our decisions. To this end, we have established various preventive measures to safeguard the health and well-being of our employees.

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