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Cooperation and long-term commitment are key to KLG’s strength

09 June 2020

KLG Europe strongly believes in cooperation and investment in long-term solutions. We have proven  to serve our customers through our many years of intensive cooperation with customers, partners and other logistics companies. These collaborations  allow for KLG to be flexible and quickly adapt to market circumstances.

Our network
As KLG we have 15 own branches in Europe, we work with 21 exclusive partners and we are a member and shareholder of  the ASTRE and 24plus networks. These networks offer a very strong, reliable and extensive European distribution capability. We can guarantee high delivery reliability through a combination of short lead times and daily departures to all European countries. We depart daily to and from 30 European countries with groupage, LTL (Less than truck load) and FTL (Full truck load) shipments.

Our international groupage linehauls depart from our cross dock facility in Venlo (NL) at fixed times every day once goods have been brought in from across the Benelux. Our cross dock is TAPA-A certified and covers an area of ​​8500M2 with 83 docks for loading, reloading and consolidating groupage shipments. During the transit at our hub all goods are scanned, labeled and prepared for international transport.

We have long-term partnerships with exclusive partners throughout Europe. These exclusive partners are carefully selected companies that, just like KLG, have a passion for logistics. These are generally medium-sized companies with core values ​​that are based on a family business, which correspond to the standards and values ​​that we apply, propagate and cherish as KLG. Our exclusive partners have their own fleet, in-house customs department, warehouse location (s) and a reliable local distribution network.

The routing
The route from our cross-dock in Venlo (NL) to the depot in the destination country (linehaul) is either carried out by KLG trucks or by trucks from our exclusive partners.

The continuity of our services is guaranteed by means of fixed departure times. These departures are arranged in such a way that all possible ferry- and or rail connections, and also secure parking areas are reached  on time. We guarantee timely arrival at the hubs in the destination country, so that they connect seamlessly with the so-called ‘last-mile deliveries’.

In control and contact
The KLG Control Tower monitors every shipment from our customers in Europe. By default our partner contacts the final recipient  for  a delivery appointment. Our partners have local knowledge, speak the local language and have access to a reliable domestic distribution network. These partners are technologically very strongly associated with KLG. Correct communication, including status updates, is the key to success.

Strong relationships are the connection for the future.
We are proud of these strong partner relationships. These relationships contribute to the growth of KLG and will make a difference in the future for the continuity of our logistics services and your supply chain.

Partners & networks

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