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‘Wine & Spirit’

13 October 2020

The demand for top quality wine is growing and the wine sector is demanding a faster and more transparent supply chain. That is why ASTRE, with KLG Europe as partner in the Netherlands, launches - "Wine & Spirit".

In 2019, Europe produced two-thirds of wine worldwide with a turnover of 137 billion euros. Half of that total turnover is exported to other countries outside Europe. France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria represent more than half of the world's wine exports.

The market share of top-quality bottled wines is growing rapidly, partly due to the growing online sales. Due to the high demands of customers for online sales, the demand for one party for the entire logistics process is increasing. Companies want transparent and fast delivery, including customs and excise duty handling.

With "Wine & Spirit", the European logistics network ASTRE is exactly that specialist that meets the requirements and demand in the market. "Wine & Spirit” is specialized in this segment. The price is known in advance and at the heart of each wine-growing region there is a local collection and grouping of pallets. Bundling, packaging, storage or transport in special palletised containers is also part of the service.

"Wine & Spirit” is a collaboration of 30 partners and is led by six international experts, which are located in the main wine production and import countries. KLG is that expert in the Netherlands, one of the most important import countries.

KLG Europe has been known for many years as a wine importer in the Netherlands and has been a member and shareholder in this network since the establishment of ASTRE. In the wine regions in France, KLG is loading wine every day and with many years of experience, ensures a transparent and fast comprehensive logistics solution.


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