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Doing an internship at the Best Training Company and working at The Most Attractive Employer?

13 September 2022

KLG Europe has proudly obtained both titles in the past year!

The Best Training Company

What do you want in the future? KLG offers internships in different departments and for various educational levels. Every year we prepare a large group of young people for the future and get them excited about a job in logistics. At KLG, highly experienced and knowledgeable colleagues are there to guide you. We will broaden your knowledge and skills and see you as a full-fledged colleague from day one. We give you responsibility and trust. Logistics is in our blood. So it is with great pleasure that we train and mentor young people. And with success! In April this year, we were awarded with the title of Best Training Company in the Netherlands for the Transport, Logistics, Maritime and Mobility sector.

Discover your opportunities at the Best Training Company. Take a quick look at the internship opportunities we offer or the entry-level jobs for a flying start of your career!

Are you making the switch to logistics?

The image of the logistics sector could use some polishing as it is more than the existing image of just trucks and large warehouses. The logistics industry is dynamic and includes the entire process from the moment the goods are loaded and unloaded at the final destination. After production, the goods are transported around the world by plane, ship, train, road or a combination of different modalities. Logistics is about stock management, customs clearance, information flows and within this international dynamic world you are the spider in the web! You make the difference in the service to the customer and are part of one of the top sectors. What is your role? Are you the IT-er, Planner, Administrator, responsible for sustainability, warehousing, innovation, HR marketing (employer branding), customs, customer service, business development or sales?

At KLG you can become anything! From Quality engineer, international driver, key account employee, sales manager, planner, freight forwarder, forklift driver, team leader planning, driver supervisor, data analyst and many, many more. But even better, we offer long-term development and growth and career opportunities. In logistics, the possibilities are limitless.

Even without a logistical educational background, you can make the switch. We are interested in the person and your qualities. Your capabilities and competencies that make up your DNA. Does your DNA match ours? Do you have what it takes to work in logistics? Then we like to invest in you, this by training you. We will enthusiastically share our knowledge and skills with you.

The Most Attractive Employer

Many colleagues have been working at KLG Europe for many years. The attraction of the global working area and still being part of a close and great team is experienced as very positive by many colleagues. We always encourage our employees to push their limits, learn from each other and with each other and develop. We are a company with family values and the “us-feeling”, but we offer you the world. That this way of being an employer is appreciated is shown by the title we were awarded with in May; The Most Attractive Employer!

The KLG-er is central to us. We offer our customers “full logistical unburdening”, but we cannot do this alone. The team behind KLG takes care of this unique customer experience every day. We do this together by standing for something and together we go all the way.

Would you like to be part of our team? Then take a look at the actual vacancies in all disciplines and at all our branches via the vacancies page.

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