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What is Intermodal transport via the New Silk Road?

Within intermodal transport, multiple transport modalities are combined to transport the cargo from door-to-door. With intermodal transport at KLG Europe we ensure that the divers transport options are in complete flow of each other. When a vessel arrives, the cargo will immediately  transferred to the truck that will transport your cargo further (container trucking). At KLG we use the following transport modalities:

Intermodal transport New Silk route; what can KLG do for you?

With many years of experience and good business relations at our branch countries and abroad, we are able to transport your cargo without any obligation. We understand that your cargo is valuable for your business model. Therefore we always keep a close eye on your cargo, especially when it crosses the border. Would you like to keep an eye on your freight yourself? You can! With our track & trace system you can track your freight by yourself. Check out our other logistics solutions to learn more about the benefits of KLG!

Questions about intermodal transport via the New Silk Road?

If you have questions or would you like to receive advice about intermodal transport via the New Silk Road? Please contact us without any obligation. Also for other questions or advice our experts are pleased to help you. You can contact us via the contact page on our site.

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