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KLG Europe offers the right logistics solution for every situation.

KLG Europe guarantees customized logistics solutions, with an emphasis on unburdening our customers. Our services are dynamically designed so that we can provide our customer the best possible service in every situation.

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Do you have exports to China but are you curious how this can be done even better? Contains this export flow one shipment or do you have a full or a number of full containers with China as the final destination? We take care of the transport from the Netherlands to China down to the last detail. Completely from door-to-door, quickly and with sustainability in mind. In addition to the modalities air freight and sea freight, we also provide rail freight transport. We notice that the customer is increasingly opting for optimization of its supply chain and is returning to one of the oldest trade routes in the world. Namely the New Silk Road, but nowadays by rail. This with the sustainability gain and speed of the present.

Export China: New Silk Way Logistics

Rail transport between Europe and China and vice versa is becoming increasingly popular. International air freight is faster, but more expensive. International ocean freight is cheaper, but often takes longer. The international transport modality is sustainable and also a real addition to the existing options. 

KLG Europe is one of the leading companies of the New Silk Way Logistics (NSWL) joint venture. The service provided by our product NSWL offers a complete package of logistics services before, after and during the route. Completely unburdened and door-to-door. 

After the establishment of this service, we have become the market leader in temperature-controlled door-to-door rail transport to and from China. Rail transport is the modality of the future and more and more companies are noticing the benefits of this sustainable, reliable and safe solution. Other advantages of rail transport via the New Silk Road are:

  • 20FT, 40 FT, 45FT REEFER, 45FT HCPW – higher capacity load (85M3- 33 euro pallets, 26 block pallets)
  • Non-temperature controlled
  • Temperature controlled (-23 ℃ up to +30 ℃)
  • Green Coldchain Solution
  • Direct contacts & contracts with rail providers
  • Complete End-2-End solution (temp and non temp)
  • 24/7 control tower follow-up
  • Intervention network / break-down service during the entire road

Value Added Services regarding export China

For the export to China, just taking care of the transport is not always sufficient. That is why you can also use our Value Added Services at the KLG Europe  warehouses in the Netherlands, Romania or China. Repackaging, order picking, assembly and storage are among the options. You can also engage KLG Europe for the complete customs clearance process. This means you no longer have to worry about export documentation, legislation and regulations. Thanks to our expertise, we are also aware of export and import restrictions and we take everything off your hands. This is our service of complete unburdening.

The right logistics solution starts with the right material

The complete unburdening of rail transport starts with the right container. KLG Europe has its own containers, but it is also possible to transport your goods with your own container(s) or containers owned by the shipper. The container solution provided by us perfectly matches your needs and is always fully inspected. Entirely in accordance with the correct certifications and applicable regulations, which depends on the goods which are loaded. 

KLG Europe has more than 150 conditioned, modified rail containers that are fully adapted to the weather conditions that may occur during transport by the New Silk Road. By cooperating with our partner Unit45, it is possible to offer other solutions in addition to standard containers for the transport of perishable goods, automotive, machines, fully finished products, etc. 

Standard containers:

  • 20 ft standard container
  • 20 ft high cube container
  • 40 ft standard container
  • 40 ft high cube container
  • 45 ft high cube container
  • 450 ft high cube pallet wide container

Temperature controlled containers:

  • 40 ft reefer/ temperature controlled container
  • 40 ft high cube reefer/ temperature controlled container
  • 45 ft high cube reefer/ temperature controlled container

As a market leader, we are closely involved in the development of new containers and put the improvements into practice.

Quality and trust

Thanks to the combination of good equipment and the knowledge and expertise of KLG Europe, we offer complete unburdening of door-to-door transport by rail. We are the logistics partner that moves along with the customer’s needs and has a sustainable and innovative view of the future. Collaboration is the connection word here, combined with quality and trust.

The power of KLG Europe

Is the export to China new to you or does it raise questions? Or are you curious about how KLG Europe can help you? We are the company to completely unburden you in the transport of your goods and the entire process. Our specialists are pleased to assist you. Together we create the suitable logistics solution. Contact us.


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