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18 January 2021

The past few years, globally, there is a major increase visible in cargo thefts. The media shows more aggressive theft attempts, with truck hijackings as well as more “innovative” theft attempts such as the “Romanian Modus Operandi” where goods are stolen by entering the back of the trailer and then transferred into following van, while driving. On top of this, the new COVID-19 developments causing lock downs and changes in all businesses, lead to serious disruptions of the supply chain.

While both seem completely different topics, the problems caused by these issues are quite similar: the customer expects a certain shipment to be delivered at a specific date, time and location, and due to disruption of the supply chain the goods cannot always be delivered at the expected date, time and/ or location. Depending on the design of the complete supply chain process this may lead to a short delay or to a major delay. Besides this it can cause a chain reaction when business-to-business shipments are not delivered on time, and the other company can’t produce the end product due to production stop, and/or cannot deliver to the consumer. Besides the fact that in EU logistics service providers can not be held liable for consequential costs such as production line stops, due to mandatory CMR, any fines for production stops rarely cover the whole impact. The general liability of logistics service providers for loss of the goods during cross-border transport is limited by laws and regulations. Therefore, it is now more than ever, time to consider the complete security of the supply chain. Make sure you know the impact of “worst case scenario” if a certain load does not reach the destination on time, check the probability that this happens taken into account all factors. So, you can make a decent risk analysis which maybe leads to a different mind set for developing your supply chain.

As a logistics service provider, we often receive transport requests where customers draft a number of security requirements to take into account during transport. For each customer we offer a tailor-made solution for their shipments to arrange their transport as safely as possible from loading to delivery.

An optimally secured supply chain requires safe parking spaces on the route of the transport. The lack of availability of secure parking spaces is a hot topic within the European Union. In addition, an agreement is still taking place within the EU which is definitely all-encompassing for a secure parking space. Due to the different definitions in different countries, it is  not fully guaranteed that  secured parking spaces have the same requirements and conditions everywhere.. As a logistics service provider where quality is of paramount, we make decisions based on various factors. Taking all circumstances into account, that is our focus. To prevent critical stops, we proactively discuss these topics with the customer. Which loading and unloading schedules are better suited? So, that together we can minimize the risk.

Having a large crossdock and warehouse in the logistics hotspot Venlo (NL), and our strategically located branches in Eersel (NL), Rotterdam (NL) and Romania, we can develop a wide range of secure supply chain combinations. Together with our customer, based on their specific “goods value profile”, we discuss and arrange specific security requirements, this can be TAPA TSR level 1 transport for full trailer loads (FTL), or for example the use of a box trailer with locks. Our reputation; to clearly advise the customer with focus to the best possible logistics solution, is widely known. We have long term relationships with our customers, due to this specific mind set.  Of course we welcome new customers who would like to review their security of supply chain with us and to explore cooperation possibilities.

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