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KLG Europe Open Day

20 June 2022

On Saturday 16 July, KLG Europe will open the doors of its location in Venlo. In the morning, anyone who is interested can come over and have a look during this day. In the afternoon an employee party is organized for their own employees and their families from all Dutch branches.

The set-up

Due to Corona, the idea of ​​​​this combined open day, employee party and the opening of the expansion of our crossdock has been on the shelf for two years. It is therefore very nice that this event can be organized on upcoming Saturday 16 July. A tour is facilitated on the basis of a map and all logistical aspects will be discussed. Furthermore, we look ahead into the future of logistics with an innovation street and there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions. We have invited various partners to help us show the logistics picture as fully as possible. For example, the Dutch Customs will be present and there will be various customers and suppliers who cooperate with us on this day.

You can register for this open day with various time slots until Sunday 26 June. So be quick!


Morning program

The day is divided into two parts. The morning is organized for anyone who, for various reasons, is interested in taking a look at KLG Europe and the logistics world. KLG hopes this will help young people who do not yet know which follow-up study to choose and are unsure whether the logistics suit them. This also gives the group of people who are considering retraining or who are looking for a new job the opportunity to get a really good idea of ​​what KLG does. Furthermore, everyone is welcome who would like to take a look and it is time that the image of logistics will be polished up.

Image logistics

The image of the logistics sector is based on trucks and large warehouses, while the logistics sector is dynamic and innovative! Logistics includes the entire process from the moment the goods are produced until they are unloaded at the final destination. The goods are transported all over the world by plane, ship, train, truck, express bus or a combination of different modalities. Logistics is about stock management, distribution, customs clearance, information flows and within this international dynamic world, our colleagues are the linchpin in the web in more than 100 different functions.

“Behind our doors we are working on IT, planning, administration, sustainability, warehousing, data, innovation, HR, marketing, customs, customer service, business development, sales and much more. And that is precisely what many people do not know and that is why we hope, partly through this open day, to improve that image among a large group of people," says Erik Loijen, CEO of KLG.

Afternoon program

In the afternoon, the doors open to our own colleagues and their families. All colleagues from all over the Netherlands are welcome and with buses transport will be arranged to the location. Erik Loijen: “Our colleagues are proud of what they do at KLG and like to show it at home. That is why there will be a tour with various activities to give a good idea of ​​what we do on a daily basis and we will end the tour with a KLG food festival and the KLG kids club, so a nice afternoon program.”

Register quickly

Come and have a look during our open day and get to know logistics and all associated partners and elements in logistics. Are you not yet sure which next study to choose and can we help you by giving you a look into our logistics world? Are you considering retraining, are you looking for a new job or just curious? We provide a tour of our company, a cup of coffee and a nice piece of pie, so a nice look into the logistics world!

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