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No logistics solution is out of reach for KLG Europe in Romania

14 February 2022

As KLG Europe, we have become an indispensable part of the Romanian logistics and  one of the largest logistics players. In Romania, we are known for our advanced and high-quality service level in the field of national and international transport, warehousing, but also for our innovative logistics solutions such as Strongo and Simplify.

In 2005 KLG Romania was founded and since then a growing business with the focus on the future. We have continued our growth by combining the Romanian roads with strategically located branches. This has enabled us to set up a dense  distribution network. With our offices in Bucharest, Constanta, Tirgu Sequiesc, Timisoara, Cluj Napoca, Craiova, Bacau and Braila, all our customer’s national shipments are delivered within 24-48 hours as standard service or within 24 hours with the premium service.

Not only with our strong distribution system we distinguish ourselves nationally,  because our innovative ideas have created two new services in recent years, which are new in the logistics market. The e-fulfillment service Simplify was developed and integrated as a response to the extreme increase of online orders and the related logistical challenges. With this service, we offer online companies the possibility to place all their logistics services with one supplier. For many online companies, internal processes have been simplified and the implementation of our service within their organization has resulted in operational optimization, lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

The newest service from our Romanian branches is Strongo. Not only does it allow for more shipments of standard dimensions, but also heavier products with non-standard dimensions can be distributed throughout Romania in the fastest possible time.

In addition to the national services, we also offer a complete package of other logistics services, ensuring that we have an answer to every logistics question. International transport departs daily by road, sea or air, and in the field of warehousing, Value Added Services, customs-related activities and accompanying IT solutions, no bridge is too far or no challenge too big for KLG.

Razvan Marinescu, Managing Director of KLG Romania: “When there are no standard solutions, we simply build and create the solution ourselves. In the area of logistics services, but certainly also innovative improvements and enhancements in the digital and IT areas. At KLG Europe in Romania, we have passion for what we do.  This combined with trust, teamwork and innovation is the most ideal combination for the responsible growth of the organization and an added value for our customers and partners”.

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